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Monday, October 13, 2008

New Odyssey and Phoenix Panels

Hello Troops,
Matt Long has been busy creating new activity stations in the Phoenix and Odyssey.
The new Odyssey station takes the place of the old First Officer's station that had the light control switches. It is a three panel station with plenty for the camper to do.


The new Phoenix station fits nicely into the wall behind the Captain's chair. It was installed on October 13th. It is a combination of switches and isolinear rods.
The general feeling from the staff - "Very Cool".
Matt has done a great job. Matt has agreed to install new stations similar to the Odyssey and Phoenix in the Magellan. He will be installing a few more panels in the Phoenix's engineering crawl space.

All our way of trying to improve your Space Education Center experience.

Mr. Williamson
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