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Friday, January 9, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different.....

Me and that Fat Feller in the Red Suit's Funny Looking Sled Dog

“Don’t ya know...... When you get me mad the kettle boils and the pressure builds. Something’s gotta give. Now that little fat feller in the red suit that lives in some sort of tax free status in northern Alaska got me a mite angry when my holiday wish wasn’t granted. I wished for The White House and what did I get? A white house, my home buried in snow on Christmas Day. Well, ya don't mess with me or you and my Huntress 9000 here are going to have a problem. That jolly dwarf took a side and as far as I was concerned needed to be Palinized. Ya take something from me and I take something from you - but I take it one step further so ya learn the lesson. Enough said, now I’m going to the coastline and see If I can’t practice some Alaskan diplomacy and shoot me down something Russian.”

Sara with her laser guided 'Huntress 9000'.
Rudolf didn't have a chance.
Santa escaped without injury but had to violently change course.
Over 35,000 Anchorage children had no Christmas

(Sorry, but another imagination seizure on my part...... Mr. Williamson)
P.S. You Irish better be ready. Santa let her down and St. Patrick's Day is next. Sara feels she is owed a favor. Guard your leprechauns. She is locked and loaded and has a flight booked to Dublin.
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