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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wanted for the Murder of Princess, the Yapper.

Gattino, taken by a CCTV camera in the Chicago Bookstore Depository.
No poodle is safe!

Wanted: Gattino (the Blade) Bruchelli. Last seen in Clawless Joseppi’s Catnipateria on 3rd and State in the Little Italy neighborhood.
Crime: Wanted for questioning for the murder of several poodles in the Hamilton section of the city. Reportedly the number one hit cat of the Felino Syndicate in Chicago.
Warning: Cuddly, cute, adorable - Murderer. Approach with extreme caution.
Reward: $200 for the successful capture - alive. This reward is offered by Miss Marple after discovering her poodle “Princess” was brutally gunned down in the back garden while being a ‘good girl’. Her expensive rhinestone collar was missing.
Contact: The Canine Protection League. 605-555-BARK. Your identity will be protected.

(Forgive Me.....One More. I Couldn't Resist. You're thinking "What do these posts have to do with the Space Center." Well, I'm just getting my Imaginary Workout and taking you along on the run. Join me. WRITE. THINK. DREAM. IMAGINE. Mr. Williamson.)
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