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Friday, June 5, 2009

An Update on the Summer's First Camp!

This is BBC Universal Service broadcasting from London. We interrupt this program to bring you a special report. And now, Sebastian Worthingham - Reporting from Starbase 74 near The Neutral Zone.

“From the large Transparent Aluminum windows of His Majesties Starship William IV we watch as the Federation Starship Voyager backs gracefully away from Docking Pylon 3 of Starbase 74. I see hundreds of small figures framed in the Starbase’s windows waving Bon Voyage to this legendary ship, now embarking on her final patrol of the border and then onto Starbase 45 for decommissioning and history.

The Voyager is turning now, adjusting her course for the Neutral Zone. The Saucer Section is now opposite our view. Her running lights blink a strong heartbeat as the mighty ship powers her warp nacelles. The lounge grows strangely quiet. Everyone is pushing against the windows, wanting to see this symbol of Federation power flash a pulse of blue light and disappear into hyperspace.

There, we see the blue glow and.......... she’s gone in a brilliant flash leaving the darkness of space in her wake. A few are wiping away tears, others bow their heads in reverence. I can hear a pleasant chime ringing through the William IV’s speakers. We were scheduled to return to Earth 30 minutes ago but our captain graciously bowed to our request to stay and witness the USS Voyager embark on her last voyage.

Our ship is powering her warp drive. Our journey home has begun. My signal will be lost in a moment when the Hyperspace portal opens and we.......”

This ends our Special Bulletin. We now return you to our regular schedule programme. This is the BBC from London.

Hello Troops,
I’m hoping you enjoyed that little flight of fantasy. It served a purpose. From my desk I hear the crew of the Voyager as they train in preparation for their Super Overnight mission - the Space Center’s first camp of the 2009 summer season!

Staff come and go between the hallway, the Odyssey and the Voyager as they work to complete all the tasks given to them by Kyle Herring, tonight’s Voyage Flight Director and author of our camp’s story “A Matter of Honor” .

Aleta Clegg, the Voyager’s Quarter Master readies the food on Deck 2. Soon they will enter our universe of imagination and leave Starbase 74 for the Neutral Zone. Their mission is to take one last patrol of the border and then on to Starbase 45 for decommissioning. The Voyager is an old ship. This is her last mission. Once they reach the Starbase the crew will help strip the ship of her computers and equipment and disembark. The tugs will move the empty Voyager to the maintenance bay for dismantling.

Have you booked your camp yet. If not, there is still time. All EdVenture and Super Overnighters are full. There are openings on the Overnight Camps from July 24th to the end of September.

Now, I’ll return to my work. If time permits I’ll give updates on the camp as it progresses. Don’t expect further story updates. Everything in the mission from this point on is classified. We don’t want to spoil the fun for the hundreds still coming to do this new Voyager mission.

Mr. Williamson

The Quartermaster (Aleta Clegg) prepares the meals

The Campers are cleared through security

Kyle Herring, The Flight Director

Wyatt, One of the Ship's Medics

Spencer mans the security checkpoint

Taylor and Emily, Delta Force. Fleet Special Forces
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