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Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Dream for the Captain's Quarters

Hello Troops,
Its Sunday and I’m sitting in my second favorite chair composing this post. You may be wondering why I’m not sitting in my favorite chair. It is occupied by my nephew. He seems to think he has the right to sit in my chair whenever he wants. No other family members or friends sit in my chair so why him? I’m not sure. It might be because its comfortable and reclines and rocks and has a foot rest. No matter, I’ll be a good sport about it. After all, Chaz needs to see the rewards of good hard work. I’ve told him many times that a life of hard work and frugal saving brings rewards, like a Laz e Boy Recliner. If you say it enough people believe it, at least that’s what they tell me.

You’re wondering why I put this picture on the blog? It’s here because I like it.. Would I have a living room designed like this? Well, its clean but I like the way my own living room is decorated. I call it English Hodge Podge with a bit of “I don’t know what what I’m doing” thrown in for good measure. Besides, I have too much junk for a room like this. Set out one of my collectible Thomas Kincaid Seaside Village miniatures, and you’ve destroyed the whole feel of the room. So I guess the answer is no, I wouldn’t decorate my living room like this, but I know a place where this design would be spot on - our Voyager simulator!

Wouldn’t this make an excellent Captain’s Quarters? Our current Captain’s Quarters is a small room at the top of a ladder with a tiny balcony overlooking the Bridge's Security Station. It has a cheap carpet, a bean bag chair and a fold out love seat with splitting vinyl upholstery.

This is my dream Captain's Quarters. It is a place I could call my home away from home. During the camps I’d kick the command officers out of their own quarters, give them a few pads and tell them to sleep on the Bridge floor. This would become my personal sleeping quarters. I could seriously grow to like this.

Let’s get serious. Can we afford this kind of upgrade? Are you kidding! I’d have to sell both kidneys and still be short a thousand or two, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. So...... let’s dream, and if you happen to have several (and I mean several) thousands of dollars that you’d like to donate then please do. It will be your own sleeping quarters whenever you come to camp.

So, time to crack open your piggy bank and see what you’ve got. While you count your pennies I’ll get to work on duct taping the upholstery on our current Captain's Quarters old splitting love seat.... :)

See you at Camp!

Mr. Willamson
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