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Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Long Journey

A Note to Praise the Staff and Volunteers of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center.

Dear Staff and Volunteers!
Our long journey is drawing to an end. It has been quite a trek. Our school year attendance was 16, 423! Wow, what an achievement. We worked many missions. We taught many classes. We can look back with satisfaction on a job well done. I'm pleased to work with the finest people in Utah County. Each of you bring a unique
perspective to your work. You flavor the Center with your personality and enrich the lives of our students. Your dedication and willingness to extend yourself and go that little bit extra has made the difference between success and mediocrity. We are unusual troubadours. We perform for our audiences without their acknowledgment. We create magic without their applause. We are the makers of smiles. We wave the wands of our voices to take our customers on fantastic voyages through the cosmos bringing them to a better understanding of themselves and the universe.

We sit at the back of our starships manning the rudder. We do all this unseen, for if we stood for recognition, some of the essence of the experience would be lost. So we hide behind our walls - surrounding our passengers with sound and lights and music and story. I acknowledge your work. I appreciate your efforts. I applaud your talent.

Some day when the history of space travel is written, I hope a there is a small paragraph telling of a place in Utah that, long ago, inspired children to take their eyes off the ground and look far into the distance to see what could be.

Imagination is our fuel and Wonder is our language. So troubadours...... we sit together around the campfire and plan our next campaign. There is a summer ahead and more children counting the days to their EdVenture. Let's sleep for a bit and rise refreshed. There is more to do.

Mr. Williamson
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