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Monday, May 25, 2009

The 20,000th Mission's Virtual Celebration!

Hello Troops,
A milestone was reached last week and went almost unreported. Last Tuesday afternoon the Space Center ran our 20,000 mission! I’m not sure which mission it was because it happened during an afternoon school field trip when the Voyager, Odyssey and Phoenix were running. simultaneously. I intended to make it a big deal with some kind of celebration but didn't. I'm a bore, according to my staff. My idea of a party is staying up past 10:00 P.M. on a weeknight and 11:00 P.M. on a Saturday. A knock your socks off celebration is a good movie with diet coke and large, yes I said large, popcorn. My excuse for letting the event slip by uncelebrated was the Magellan projector bulb drama (posted earlier. Go find it and read it. It's too fresh in my mind to repeat it here). My attention was off the mark. You see, I like to worry about things. I especially like to worry about thing I have no control over. I plan on getting a good sized ulcer and taking some of my 180 days of built up sick leave. Anyway, the event came and it went. Two days later I realized the lost opportunity and felt bad about it, for a moment.

Forgetting things that should be celebrated is one way to trim a leaking budget. Yes, I said leaking. The Space Center's accounts sprang a leak. We are sending money into other people's pockets instead of the other way around, the way it should be. The new Galileo is the reason. I'd like to say it keeps me up at night but it doesn't. Come to think about it, the Swine Flu didn't keep me up either. I'm guessing the only thing that would keep me up past 10:30 P.M. would be an impending disaster capable of wiping out mankind. Of course, if that was going to happen I wouldn't go to bed. I'd invite family and friends over for light refreshments. Then we would have one of those interventions and tell each other what we really think about them. Once the air was clear we'd go out onto my deck, look out over Utah Valley and wait for impact.
There I go again, getting off topic. Forgive me. Let's get back to the 20,000th celebration.

So, in order to make amends and save a buck or two (we all know how I am with Space Center funds) I want to congratulate the staff and volunteers of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center on reaching 20,000 missions!

To start off the celebration I want you to sit down in your favorite chair. We are going to attend a virtual party. Visualize massive amounts of balloons, party favors, and noise makers creating a symphony of ear shattering tones. Imagine handfuls of confetti descending on you like a fog, some going down the back of your neck, others landing in your mouth and still others up your nose. While we're at it, lets conjure up a table full of your favorite snacks and a punch with a real kick.

Wait a minute, who is that getting out of the Hummer Limo pulling up to the front of the school? No way! It is!
Friends may I introduce you to the the cast of the new Star Trek movie - flown in from Hollywood for this very cranial event. Yes they want to talk to you. Yes Spock will find you fascinating. Girls, that young and handsome Captain Kirk really wants to dance with you so go for it. Boys, Lt. Uhura will be manning the kissing booth with the green Orion girl. Wait, what's that sound coming from the gym? They are setting up a replica of the Romulan ship’s engineering section. Everyone gets a phaser that shoots paint balls. Its every man for himself as we attempt to save Captain Pike.

Come on...... admit it. Isn’t this the best Space Center party you’ve ever attended? It’s awesome, and not costing me a dime.

Now visual that for several minutes and then consider yourself partied out. You can tell everyone you attended the Space Center’s 20,000th mission’s virtual party and had a great time.
I know you’re tuckered out and need to go into your bedroom, throw yourself on the bed and sleep for several hours.

Go for it........ and Congratulations to everyone on reaching 20,000 mission!

Mr. Williamson
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