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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another ship ventures out into the unknown

by James Porter

The USS Discovery is getting geared up for starting up a space center in Cache Valley. Former CMSEC employee James Porter, who currently teaches in the area, is heading the project. The Discovery is in process to be moved to its new location at Thomas Edison Charter School. Curriculum for the simulator is mostly complete and will be finished over the next few months. During that time updates to the computer systems and their programs will be taking place to be ready for field trips beginning in January 2010. We are very excited at the prospect of getting a full program running and providing the surrounding communities with the unique experience you all have been fortunate to be involved with. If you would like to keep up on the different happenings and progress that is being made visit our blog at Feel free to share your space center expeiences by adding comments to any of the posts. Wish us luck and hopefully we'll soon be sharing the stories of the fun campers visiting our program.
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