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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An Email from Austin's Shop in SLC.

Staff and Volunteers.
Austin E. sent this to me today. I'm sharing with you. It's a pat on the back for your hard work. Now, keep it up troops. We have a bit over two weeks to go to wrap up the summer schedule. We can't run out of gas. We push even harder for the finish line.

And now Austin's Email........

Hey guys,

Its been almost a year since I've moved to Salt Lake and have been away from the space place, but it seems even here, in the midst of the busy, rushed, and impatient, I am shown just how far the influence of the Space Center, and its staff can spread.
Early on Saturday morning, I was approached by a gentleman and his family, consisting of his wife, and two little boys. I spoke briefly to the man about his car, and shook his hand to inspire his trust in leaving his vehicle with me. As I turned to walk away, I heard one of his kids say, "I loved the Voyager! It was so cool! But I liked the Phoenix's story better!" I turned, surprised, and asked the man if they were referring to the CMSEC, and he told me his boys and some friends had gone down to Utah county for a birthday party and they had just gotten back. I told him I used to volunteer there as a supervisor and he smiled, obviously impressed I had been employed there. I gave his kids a high 5, and went away, working on his Scion.
The reason I'm mentioning this is because even now, and this far out, look how far your dedication, determination, professionalism, and friendliness has spread, simply for one family. I am impressed, and very happy to hear that the center is still influencing this kind of excitement in the campers.
So, in conclusion, I just wanted to tip my hat to all the volunteers and staff, and beg them not to lose sight of the real reason the center is there, and that's to bring happiness, and creativity to the campers lives, and influence them to work together to achieve their goals. I'm very impressed that your hard work has reached me this far. Keep up the good work. I'll be waiting for the next one.

Austin E.

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