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Friday, December 28, 2012

A Must See Video and News and Views

Hello Troops,
Today's post is short and sweet because I want to reserve your time for only a couple of things.
1.  Today's News and Views, to keep you updated.
2.  A video I believe is a must see.

I begin with the must see video.  BBC produced a series of documentaries called "Filthy Cities". 
Tonight I present "Filthy Cities: Medieval London".   Prepare for being grossed out on what life was really like in old London.  Watching this video will make you very grateful for modern engineering, technology and science.  I can't imagine how anyone could survive those living conditions endured by millions and millions of people in times past.

Please find a time where you can devote an hour to this fascinating trip to medieval London.  It will be time well spent.

Mr. W

News and Views

SpaceX made further progress on its Grasshopper rocket program on December 17. In a 29-second flight, the 10-story tall Grasshopper rocket (a Falcon 9 first stage with Merlin engine) made a 40 meter flight up, then hovered, and then landed safely in the upright position! Watch the cool video on Parabolic Arc's website here:

CBC/Canada has a good article on the docking of Soyuz TMA-07M at the ISS.  Crewmember Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut, will become the Expedition 35 commander in March:  Read On

CollectSace published a nice article about the end of the GRAIL mission over the Moon. The twin satellites Ebb and Flow made a planned crash into the lunar surface on December 17. Information about their incredible mission here

A new LANDSAT satellite is on its way to the Vandenberg AFB in California for an upcoming flight. The LANDSAT 5 satellite will be decommissioned in a few more months.  Read On

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