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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday's Videos and The Imaginarium

Excluding the drunk 'In-Laws' 
This is a pretty good description of my family's holiday get togethers :)
How about yours?

 Hello Troops,
Enjoy the two short videos below.  The first shows what a bit of imagination and creativity can do to bring about a change in behavior.   This is an example of the Discipline of Wonder.  It is a discipline I proudly claim to be a disciple of.

The second is a short trailer for a new BBC series called The Wonder of Life.  Again, using imagination to instill a sense of awe and wonder. 

wonders of life trailer .  bbc

The Imaginarium

The Imginarium is rarely used for political purposes, but this cartoon is one of those
rare exceptions.  It encapsulates the problems we face today.

A disturbing license plate from Virginia :)

Someone had a bit of fun with the hot and cold water dispenser in an employee break room.

Brilliant observation :)

Is this an accurate flow chart of how things work in your family?

Are you and I the only ones who claim addresses on this street?

A snow man in New Mexico.

A divorce lawyers business card.
Imagination: A

A Risk living room coffee table.

 You might at first think this display was labeled incorrectly.

Fountain Pens.
 Creativty: A

Never ever start something without an end goal in mind.

No matter what it claims to be,
Somethings aren't what they say they are.
Be a critical thinker.

A Tardis engagement ring.

 A sign at the zoo.
Creativity: A

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