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Thursday, May 30, 2013

We Celebrate the Start of Summer with The Imaginarium and Space and Science News. Don't Dumb Down This Summer - Read the Troubadour


Hello Troops,
The start of summer vacation demands some kind of celebration.  So tonight, The Troubadour gives you The Imaginarium first, and a few interesting pieces of science news last.

The town's new Burger King burned down last night.....

Summer Vacation starts in Japan

If only people read

What a deal!

An ambulance in 3, 2, 1.....

He wears it every Wednesday.  People hate him.

Is this how it works?  Not in Utah

3rd World Imagination

Life demands in at times. 

There's a dog for every dog lover out there

Just a bit of turbulence?

Were are numbers 55 to 71?

There they are

A Master Waiter.  Ultimate Creativity

To go in all our Starships

How you feel at the start of summer

An add for a funeral home

 Great Inventive ideas!

Awesome Halloween Costume

The World is Waiting for You

I think I'll have a 32 ounce Out of Control!


Space and Science News

13-Year-Old Designs Super-Efficient Solar Array Based on the Fibonacci Sequence 

Plenty of us head into the woods to find inspiration. Aidan Dwyer, 13, went to the woods and had a eureka moment that could be a major breakthrough in solar panel design.
On a bleak winter hiking trip to the Catskill Mountains, the 7th-grader from New York noticed a pattern among tree branches, and determined (as naturalist Charles Bonnet did in 1754) that the pattern represented the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. Aidan wondered why, and figured it had something to do with photosynthesis.  Read More

The Potential for Radically Amplified Human Intelligence (IA)

With much of our attention focused the rise of advanced artificial intelligence, few consider the potential for radically amplified human intelligence (IA). It’s an open question as to which will come first, but a technologically boosted brain could be just as powerful — and just as dangerous – as AI.  Read More

What If We Had No Moon?

Without the moon, humans wouldn’t exist. Life, if it had started at all, would be in the earliest stages of evolution. Days would last four hours, winds would blow at hurricane force and there would be a dense and toxic atmosphere resembling that of Venus. Earth’s rotation around the sun will become faster that the seasons would entirely change!   Read and Watch More

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Isaac O. said...

If you really want to see how important the moon is, you should read this book: "Life As We Knew It" Its one of my favorite books of all time!