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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Charlotte Ann Lystrup, A Space Center Baby. A Great Week Onboard the New USS Voyager. The Imaginarium.

Bradyn and Jacqueline Lystrup Announce the Birth of Charlotte Ann Lystrup

     It's always a happy day when The Troubadour gets to announce the birth of a youngling to a Space Center couple.  Today we announce the birth of Charlotte Ann Lystrup, the first born of Bradyn and Jacqueline Lystrup. Both Bradyn and Jacqueline were long time Space Center volunteers and staff. Bradyn was a flight director on the USS Voyager. Jacqueline was a Magellan supervisor. Of course it means they met at the Space Center. That means that baby Charlotte is a member of the most exclusive club of all, children born to parents who met at the Space Center. 
     Charlotte is adorable, taking after her mother like she does. Bradyn is hoping she'll develop his unique outlook on life not to mention a sharp wit and sarcastic bite!  
     Both Bradyn and Jacqueline have been by to visit the new USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy. Bradyn was sure to get reacquainted with Tex on one of the Voyager's LDM missions.  He gave me permission to trigger his reactivation clause and bring him onboard as a guest flight director whenever his working and now Charlotte schedule will allow.  And that we shall do.  It wouldn't be the Voyager without the Voyager's old flight directors back in the saddle.  
     Congratulations Bradyn and Jacqueline.  

Mr. Williamson 

This Week on the USS Voyager

     It was a fun week onboard the new USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy. My staff of Isaac Ostler, Maeson Busk, and Alex DeBirk, along with our outstanding Voyager Club volunteers, worked with some of our best 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade squadrons in Farpoint's 27 squadron Long Duration Mission program at Renaissance Academy.  The cadets are sharp, hardworking, and an absolute blast to fly. It makes such a difference in the quality and effectiveness of flying when you can take your time and really develop a story by letting the kids themselves dictate the pacing and direction.   
The 3rd Grade Cobra Squadron's Commanders
The 3rd Grade Cobra Squadron with a Captain ready to blast off!
The 4th Grade Scorpion Squadron's Commanders; nervous but ready for whatever is coming their way
On Tuesday the 4th Grade Scorpion Squadron went on their maiden mission
The 5th Grade Phoenix Squadron's commanders. The 5th Grade Phoenix squadron was the first of the 5th grade squadrons to fly.
The 5th Grade Phoenix Squadron
The 5th Grade Lion Squadron's Commanders
The 5th Grade Lion Squadron
They were a fun team to fly.

The Imaginarium

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