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Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Lived Long and Prospered Home for Semi-Retired Flight Directors Hosted a Get Back Into Flying Event. Two New Flight Directors at the CMSEC. Ian McOmber's Last Mission. The Magellan's Engineering Section. Theater Imaginarium.

Megan Warner and Bracken Funk on Monday's Magellan Mission.
A nurse with oxygen was on hand just in case either of them grew fatigued. Neither could get to the
tank due to the fact that Mr. Williamson had it's tube strapped to his nose the whole time
The Lived Long and Prospered Home for Semi-Retired Flight Directors Hosted a Get Back Into Flying Event on the USS Magellan

      Every once in awhile the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center kindly hosts a Get Back Into Flying Mission for residents of the Lived Long and Prospered Home for Semi-Retired Flight Directors.  Last Monday Bracken Funk and Megan Warner, two long time residents,  jumped at the chance of getting their hands on a microphone after seeing one of their own, the CMSEC Founder himself, get back on the flight directing saddle after a four year retirement.  "If Mr. Williamson can do it, then so can we," Megan said. "He's an inspiration for all of us who once directed these majestic ships," Bracken added, repeating it twice to make sure this reporter got it right. 
     James Porter, CMSEC Director, was not on hand for the event but issued a statement supporting the program. "As a Space Center family, we enjoy seeing these old timers step back from the shadows and into the spotlight of flight directing. It's good for them and good for us. Who knows, maybe one of them may still have what it takes to run a crew. If so, I'd consider hiring them as long as they can master the new technology and have the mental and physical capacity to get through a 90 minute flight."   

Jon Parker and Natalie Anderson secretly share a humorous glance. It was all they could do not to burst out laughing as they watched the two legends of the past work their way through all those buttons and switches

Bracken wanted to fly Silhouette. Jon was kind enough to play his signature role - Stanton Everett.  I was told Silhouette was first flown in 2007.  It was a popular mission back in its day and is due for a revival.    

 The crew was composed of Space Center volunteers glad to experience a mission told by legends of the Space Center's glittering past.  

     When all was said and done, the crew passed a hat around to take up a collection to buy the retirement home's residents a nice Little Caesar's pizza supper.  Bracken and Megan thanked them for their kindness and said they would pass along the volunteer's greetings.  
     "I think it went pretty good," Bracken said as he gathered his thoughts.
     "Not bad for being a bit dusty round the edges," Megan replied.  "I can't wait to do more of these. I'm getting that feeling that it's time to reclaim my place in the Flight Director's Guild."  
     Bracken made an appointment to stop by and visit the new USS Voyager at Renaissance Academy in Lehi to see if the Long Duration Mission style of flying would be suited to his flying techniques.  

  The Space Center Announces Two New Flight Directors

     Yes, that's Ian McOmber being congratulated on his promotion to Odyssey Flight Director by Space Center Assistant Director Jon Parker.  Ian had one primary goal he had to accomplish before leaving on his LDS mission - to become a Space Center flight director.  That goal was realized last week.  
     Ian started volunteering at the Space Center in 2006. He later moved to Idaho with his family for a spell and then moved back to Utah a couple years ago. 
     Congratulations Ian!

     Jon was delighted beyond containment to announce that Lissa Eager had been promoted to Phoenix Flight Director.  Lissa started as a Space Center Voyager Club volunteer in February 2014. 
Two years later she was promoted to Magellan supervisor and now she's reached the pinnacle of power - Phoenix Flight Director.  
     Jon Parker is the Phoenix Set Director. It is his ship and according to Jon - the best ship.  I will say this, of all the ship's created during my watch as CMSEC director, the Phoenix has a special place in my heart; especially today. Do you realize the Phoenix is the only simulator of the originals still in its first configuration?  The Magellan has been remodelled. The Galileo and Odyssey are second generation ships of the originals. The Voyager is closed. That leaves the Phoenix looking pretty much the same as when it opened in May of 2005 except for new technology here and there.  Now you understand why the ship holds a special place in so many hearts.  
     Congratulations Lissa on your promotion.  

Mr. Williamson

 Ian McOmber's Last Day at the Space Center. It's Off to Saint Petersburg Russia.

Ian and staff friends on his last day at the CMSEC

      Saturday was Ian McOmber's last day at the Space Center before entering the Mission Training Center on Wednesday. Ian has been called to serve an LDS mission to the St. Petersburg Russia mission.  I know for a fact the staff and volunteers at the CMSEC will miss Ian.  He exemplified the best qualities and traits of a volunteer and staff member.  We all wish Ian the best as he starts this new adventure in Russia. 

The Magellan's Engineering Section. Sadly The Last Project I Didn't Complete

      I took a look at the Magellan's Engineering Section while I was at the CMSEC on Monday.  Mr. Porter and staff did a great job getting it outfitted and purposed.  Sadly, it was the last thing on my plate to finish before we closed for renovations in August 2012.  
     The original plans called for what you see here along with a full sized Jefferies Tube at the bottom of the ladder designed to run the length of the engineering hallway.  The student engineer would access the Jefferies Tube's multiple panels lying on a scooter on his back. The scooter was to be attached to fixed rails. Think of the scooter a mechanic uses when working under a car.  
     So, the next time you work the engineering section of the Magellan take a look under the walkway and imagine what it would have been like.  

Imaginarium Theater
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