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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Renaissance Space Academy Proudly Introduces a New Flight Director and Three New Supervisors. And What About those Impressive New Shirts? Is this a Cool New Trend in Spacewear? Plus Imaginarium Theater

Brad and Ethan Model the New Space Academy Supervisor Shirts

    Paris fashion is all the rave but where does one go to see the newest in Spacewear fashion?  The answer is the Renaissance Space Academy. Today the Space Academy releases its new range of Supervisor (Grays), Flight Director (Reds), Instructor (Blues), and Director shirts (Whites).  Student apparel will be presented on The Troubadour next week.
     Bracken Funk was the designer. Textile Team Outlet, long time supplier of fine Space Center Spacewear, took Bracken's designs and made them a reality.
     We start by introducing you to the Academy's newest supervisors. Wearing the Gray signifies one has met the requirements to be awarded the rank of Level 1 at IIFX (second chair to you non-Voyagers). The Gray also signals the wearer is proficient in Space EdVentures philosophy and is competent in Bridge standards of operation.  Brad Smith, Ethan Freestone, and Dylan Hunter met those standards and received their Grays in a subdued ceremony held in the Voyager Control Room.  

Dylan, nearly overcome with emotion at wearing the Gray

     Dylan, Brad, and Ethan are best known for being former 6th grade students of mine from a few years back.  May I modestly say, being one not to toot my own horn, that those nine months spent with me set them on the road to success in junior high and high school.  Brad and Ethan attend Skyridge High School.  Dylan attends American Fork Junior High.  Brad and Ethan did their formal training under Isaac Ostler and Bracken Funk.  Dylan is a bi-center creation, having been trained in supervising at our sister center, the Discovery Space Center at Canyon Grove Academy in Pleasant Grove.  Those folks at DSC did a fine job with Dylan as they do with all who work and volunteer there.  You won't go wrong hiring a DSC graduate.  Dylan will spend his time at both centers. 

Spencer Baird in his Supervisor Gray

     Spencer is another bi-center member of the Space Academy staff.  He supervises and flight directs at the Academy. He is also training to become a DSC flight director. 

     Jensen Caldwell is a tri-center employee of the Academy.  He works as a supervisor at the Academy, a flight director at the Telos Discovery Space Center, and a flight director at the Lion Gate Center at Lakeview Academy in Saratoga Springs. I've always said it is my honor to get to work with the finest young people in Utah. They are talented and dedicated to the Space EdVentures movement. 
     On behalf of myself, Bracken Funk, Isaac Ostler, Alex Debirk, Spencer Baird, and Jensen Caldwell we welcome Ethan, Brad, and Dylan to the Space Academy family. 

Mr. Williamson

Spencer Baird Received his Flight Directorship in a Presentation of the Microphone Ceremony Held on the Voyager Bridge with Family Present

Bracken Funk, A Grandmaster in the Mystic Order of Flight Directors,  inducts Spencer into the Order by
presenting him with the Voyager's Microphone

      Well as corny as it seems, you can't have a Mystic Order of anything without a weird hat of some kind and ceremonial robes.  The Space Academy does it right when a new Flight Director is inducted into the Mystic Order.  
     In a brief ceremony Saturday afternoon, Grandmaster Funk donned the Order's robes and brought Spencer out from the wilderness of apprenticeship and into the Mystic Order.  With Spencer's induction comes the rights and privileges of membership, including access to the Control Room fridge AND the right to use the faculty restroom.    


      Spencer was evaluated and scrutinized by Grandmaster Funk during a mission run for his family Saturday afternoon.  With Dylan as his wing man at IIFX, Spencer did everything required to achieve this exalted position.  

Spencer's family was please with his performance.  Cousin Isaac, the acting captain of the mission, said
"Speaking on behalf of the family, we approve of Spencer's performance. He did a really good job!"

Spencer with his new Reds (Flight Director Shirt) in hand.

     I invite all Space EdVenturers everywhere to join me in celebrating Spencer's graduation into Flight Directing.  It takes time, patience, and commitment to get your FD Reds.  It is a privilege to work with this amazing young man.  And so say we all!

Mr. Williamson

Watch Spencer's Induction into the Mystic Order of Flight Directing Officiated by Grandmaster Funk on the Bridge of the Voyager at the Renaissance Space Academy

Imaginarium Theater
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