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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Utah's Space EdVentures Programs Fly Thousands at this Year's STEM Fest. Renaissance Academy's Space Tech Class Covers All the Basics of Simulations. From the Archives, Historical Photos and the Space Center Journal January 2003. Imaginarium Theater.

     InfiniD, Renaissance Space Academy, Telos Discovery Space Center, and the Lion's Gate Center participated in Utah's annual STEM Fest at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy on October 23rd and 24th.
    Our Space EdVenturing community thanks USSynthetic for sponsoring the display through their continued support of InfiniD Learning. InfiniD Learning in turned invited our Centers to participate and co-host the display and simulations. InfiniD supports and promotes experiential simulation programs which trace their beginnings and inspiration to the original Starship Voyager at the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center. 
     Renaissance Space Academy was represented by our assistant director, Bracken Funk.

Renaissance Academy at the STEM Festival 2018
     Bracken spent most of his time during the two day event flight directing InfiniD missions in the InfiniD Lab set up specially for the event.  

The InfiniD Lab Simulator at STEM Fest 2018
     Casey Voeks and Skyler Carr fielded questions and helped with crowd control and Titan mini-missions. 

Casey Voeks with the Titan Simulator

     InfiniD's Titan is one of two Space EdVentures mobile simulators. The Valiant is the other housed at Canyon Grove Academy.  The Titan was built with a generous donation from USSynthetic. 

     The line to enter the Titan and InfiniD Lab was long. Students weren't going to miss their opportunity to venture into space.

     Once inside the ships, students flew short missions to become familiar with the ship, its controls, and functionality.  The ships sell the Space EdVenturing concept to the students. The hard sell to the schools went to Casey and Skyler.
     Nathan King, Parriss King and Maeson Busk flew and supervised the Titan, taking turns in the InfiniD Lab.

     In the end, thousands of students walked away happy and excited to have a simulator in their school one day.


     Bracken made several good contacts with teachers, students, and business people. These contacts will help us at the Space Academy with our ongoing programs in the new Voyager and with our many Young Astronaut and Voyager Teams.

Renaissance Academy's Space Tech Class. An Exciting Elective Covering the Essentials of Experiential Education

     Mr. Robinson and Mr. Funk teach Renaissance Academy's Space Tech class.  Space Tech is an elective course offered to Renaissance Students in grades 6-8.  This class teaches students all the 'how to's' to run an effective experiential simulator based program. This includes simulator technology, simulator programming and visual effects. It includes scripting good story arcs for existing missions as well as imagineering new missions.  Space Techies also help with the simulator set itself - repairs, cleaning, and props.  
     New to the Space Tech class this year is stage makeup.  

     Two weeks ago a few of the Space Techies sat down with Lady Elizabeth (Mr. Robinson's wife), to learn how to create and apply believable makeup to add that extra sense of reality to missions on the the Space Academy's Voyager simulator.  How does it look?  Did you want to gag?  If so, then they students did well for their first attempt.

Tabitha about to apply a real nasty burn on Parker. Parker needs to learn how to handle
phasers correctly to avoid injury in the future.

     I think their goal was to create the most believable and gross phaser burn possible.

Space Techies ready to rock and roll with the makeup

Here they are showing off their mammoth bruises and Parker's black eye, all received in the line of duty - as would
be expected from officers of the Fleet.  The Orion Pirates didn't have a chance against these seasoned officers.
     Space Tech will be taught again next semester to an all new crop of future explorers.  RA students, see your school counselor to enroll.  Places are limited so be quick about it.  

Space Academy:  Math Lab, Young Astronauts, Voyagers, Space Tech,
Coding Club, Leadership Academy
    Enroll at Renaissance Academy Today

     If you're not a student at Renaissance Academy then become one. Renaissance Academy accepts students year round.  There are openings in the middle school along with a few of the elementary grades. Transferring is easy and you won't find a more welcoming student body anywhere in Utah. Contact the school office for more information.The school is located at 3435 North 1120 East, Lehi.  The phone number is (801) 768- 4202.  

Mr. Williamson

Phoenix Officers Crammed into the ship's small air lock see the Phoenix bridge for the first time
as the door opens.  Summer Camps July 2007

From the Archives:  Space Center Journal.
Welcome back from Christmas. Voyager Painted. BYU Installs New Isolinear Chip Stations in the Ships. A Partnership with Clark Planetarium for Summer Camp Rotations. Summer Camp Missions to be Lengthened.

January 7, 2003

Hello Troops,
We open again on January 7th. Forbes Elementary will be our first school. I've enjoyed the two weeks. I relaxed, read a book, watch entirely too much TV, and wondered whether I'd forget the Stazi (Midnight Rescue) mission. Tomorrow will tell the story.

The Phoenix Crew put on their uniforms in the Briefing Room before their mission briefing.
Summer Camps July 2007

There is a little news. The Voyager has been painted - at least some of it. The painters had a little time during the holiday break so I asked if they would paint the white walls in the Voyager's hallways and bridge. They did and it does look nice. You may not be able to tell 
but the walls are sparkling white with no smudges, nicks, or holes. The carpet on the other hand is looking pretty bad. I've put off replacing the blue carpet on the bridge and hallways too long. That carpet is 12 years old and is showing it. I find it difficult to find a carpet layer interested in doing such a small job. If any of you know of someone that lays carpet and would be willing to give me a bid please have them contact me. Once the carpet is replaced 
the Voyager will look as good as new - well almost. There is still that ancient relic called Williamson hanging around. It moves from time to time so we know it's alive. Don't know what to do with it. I should find it a good home but who would want it?

Yes, the Phoenix Crew is excited to learn about their 5 hour mission.
Summer Camps July 2007

I dreaded coming back to school today. Now that I'm back sitting at my desk, answering phone calls and emails, booking missions and walking around looking at the Bridge, I'm 
feeling just a twinge of excitement. Yes, I'm ready to get back into the flight director's chair and DO SOME MISSIONS. BRING THEM ON! LET THEM SHOW ME THEIR BEST! WE CAN HANDLE THEM!

A few of the Magellan crew waiting for their mission briefing in the Discovery Room.
Summer Camps July 2007

Dr. David Long's BYU engineering students have finished three isolinear cabinets for the Voyager, Odyssey, and Magellan. They are awesome. They are brilliant (as our british fans would say) and they really work!  We are going to install the Odyssey's first and get 
used to those. The Voyager's will go in next and then the Magellan's. Imagine having real isolinear chips that direct what works in the ship and what doesn't. For the ship system to work, the chips must be in the right slot, facing the right direction, or that system on the ship won't work. Can you imagine the stress that is going to place on the engineer? I'm looking forward to this!

The Odyssey Crew are in the ship and taking their stations.
Summer Camps July 2007

And now for something completely different.

Jennifer Remy paid me a visit this afternoon with exciting news from the new Clark Planetarium at the Gateway in Salt Lake City. They are enthusiastic about working with us in a partnership. Jennifer is the planetarium's new educational director and has used her influence to secure a fantastic opportunity for our summer space campers. Instead of teaching their summer camp class rotation here, we will bus them to Clark where they will see a 3D Imax movie, learn astronomy under the Clark's new 55 foot dome with a state of the art DigiStar 3 projector - the only one of its kind in the world, and have a class session in the planetarium's new education center. Pretty cool wouldn't you say? I want to thank Jennifer and the staff and directors of the new Clark Planetarium for this opportunity.

The Odyssey Captain (Jaden Alan) has his own way of enforcing discipline.
Summer Camps July 2007

The summer camps will also be extended. The days of the 48 hour camp are gone. We are now looking at a 72 hour camp. More news to follow.

Flight Directors - please start thinking about a 7 hour mission instead of 5. I know, I know....I promised 5 but things change around here.  If you don't know that then you haven't been here that long.

The front of the Odyssey I. The crew is briefed, trained, and ready to launch.
Summer Camps July 2007

Well troops, its almost 7:00 P.M. I've been here 11 hours and it's time to go home.
I'll see you sometime this month. Come excited and ready to work!

Mr. Williamson

Imaginarium Theater
The Best Gifs From Around the World Edited for a Gentler Audience

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