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Sunday, October 6, 2019

It's FlightMares at the Space Academy (If You Dare). The Space Academy's Youth Programs Launched Last Week for Another LDM Season. From the Archives: June 2003 Pictures and Stories. And a Special Treat: Imaginarium Theater and Memes

Renaissance Space Academy Presents Flightmares, A Disturbing Mission to Celebrate this Season of Frights

Starfleet is calling all those with iron blood and nerves of steel to gather on the Starship Voyager to embark on one of the scariest missions every written - Child's Play.  The details are given in the flyer above.

Alert, unknown life form detected in ship's storage

Your hosts for the 5 hour mission are some of the finest flight directors the Space Center ever produced, giants in the industry, gather together once again to tell this disturbing story of something out there which has gone terribly wrong.

Your hosts for Flightmares

Utah gives the Halloween fan multiple options to get their frights but five hours for $40.00 is the best deal out there; and the money goes straight into the Space Academy's Young Astronauts and Voyager Youth Programs operational budget.  Good scares, five hours, great staff all told on the USS Voyager, a starship simulator with a reputation second to none. 

Come join us.  Go to then "Book an Adventure" to enroll as a member of the crew.  

Mr. Williamson

Renaissance Space Academy Launches the 2019-2020 Young Astronaut and Voyager After School Youth Clubs

The USS Voyager is primed and ready for launch at Outpost 14 for this year's Space Academy Young Astronauts and Voyager Youth Clubs 9 month adventures into deep space. The 4th grade squadrons will do a mission called Supernova.  The 5th grade squadrons will do Iron Curtain. The middle school 6-8th grade squadrons will do The Forsaken

We welcome back our award winning Space Academy Youth Programs staff.  Major Vidinha (Renaissance Academy's chemistry, physics, and biology teacher) is the director of Starfleet Leadership Training. Mr. Williamson (that's me) teaches space science in addition to working with the cadets in the Voyager simulator.  Mr. Funk is the director of simulator operations.  Mr. Robinson (Renaissance Academy's middle school history, speech and debate, teacher) teaches Echoes and Reflections and is the chief Mission Controller for the Academy's IndiniD programs for grade K-5.  

I'm thrilled with our staff and our 140 young cadets.  It will be a year to remember.

Mr. Williamson

The famous Go-Gurts. A happy 3 day overnight campers showing off a Space Center breakfast staple.
July 2008

From the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center's Archives.  June 8, 2003.

What we can learn from Disneyland.  Central is under construction which will make the summer camps difficult at best.  Construction update on the simulators

Hello Troops,
This is the week. Yes, it has finally arrived. The start of the summer season is upon us like the twilight before the dark (for the pessimists) or the darkness before the dawn (for you optimists).

The crew of the Odyssey suffering from space sickness.
3 Day Overnight EdVenture Camps.  July 2008

I've just returned from a trip to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm. It was a needed rest from the day-to-day operation of the Space Center. It was pleasant to have a week were I didn't work 70 hours. Now that I think about it I'm not so sure visits to those parks cannot be considered work considering the hours you spend on your feet wandering around from ride to ride looking for the shortest lines!

The brave Voyager Crew
3 Day Overnight EdVenture Camps.  July 2008
The Voyager Crew settled down for a more normal
photo.  3 Day Overnight EdVenture Camps.  July 2008
Thoughts on Disneyland:
I've always believed we are closer in our mission to Disney's Epcot Center than anything else so you understand why I hold Walt Disney and those that have followed him in the highest regard. The Disney parks are where I go for my professional inspiration and renewal because they are run by imagineers who dedicate their professional lives to the
quality of their park and the enjoyment of their guests. Just walking through the different lands and looking at the sets

motivates me to come back to the Center and work harder on our own sets and presentation. 

The Disney parks are spotlessly clean and well maintained. The employees are trained to be kind and courteous to the guests. I even spotted them stopping and waving to us as we went around the park by train and monorail. Their waving was "part of the act" so to speak because I really doubt they would naturally stop and wave at passing trains and monorails but it did contribute to the atmosphere. This approach and handling of the customers needs to also be part of our operation. This summer I want to challenge everyone to take time to talk to our campers and make them feel very welcome. You should treat them like your employer because when it all boils down to the meat in the stew they are. We are here to serve the taxpayers of Utah and their children. They pay our salaries and keep us open.

The start of another day after a peaceful nights sleep in the simulators.
3 Day Overnight EdVenture Camps.  July 2008

I was walking between the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean when I spotted a piece of trash on the ground. The park was so clean I felt I should stop and pick it up but someone beat me to it. One of the Disney managers (not one of the park sweepers or custodians) spotted the blemish to their `home' and made a beeline right to it. I could tell she didn't want to pick it up without gloves because her hand stopped in mid air right over the trash. Her solution was to reach into her pocket and pull out a handkerchief. She used that to pick up the trash and deposit it in the nearest can. I've always made it a point to stop and pick up trash in our halls. I try to lead by example that is why you see me vacuuming the carpets and taking out the trash. That is why you see me sweeping the floors and washing the tables. It has to start at the top and work its way to everyone in the organization. Please take the time this summer and ensure the environment of the Center is as clean as we can make it.

The EdVenture Camps had a class session. The camps of 2008 did a woodworking project
3 Day Overnight EdVenture Camps.  July 2008 

Once again I heard the voices of some children as they left the rides. Some would exclaim that the ride was the best ever. Others could be heard saying, "That was stupid,"
Even thought millions were spent on the ride you can't please everyone - but that doesn't stop you from trying. I try to please everyone in my space missions. If I see a child who isn't  enjoying the experience, I'll focus attention on him/her until I see a positive reaction. 

I don't remember his name, but his gentleman was a regular camper for several years. Our old time staff would remember him.  3 Day Overnight EdVenture Camps.  July 2008

It takes more work but trying to please everyone insures more people will have a positive experience; at the end of the day, when the reviews come in I know the positive comments were earned and deserved. The negative comments are welcome too. I think carefully on the criticism, and deal with it as needed, but I don't take it to heart after all, you can't please everyone.

Another thing I noticed was repetition can result in a lack of enjoyment. I went on some rides over and over again. After the fourth or fifth time the ride grew boring. I was getting tired of the song and scenery. In a few years I'll enjoy it again but the repetition took the magic out of the experience. I wonder if the same may be true of our simulators. Should children be allowed to come several times a year? All of us have noticed that some of our repeat campers begin to show too much familiarity with the ships and staff.  The reason is that they've ridden the ride too many times. They know the songs and the tricks. Perhaps to keep the magic real missions should be rationed. What are your thoughts?

Lunch time with Aleta's famous Chili Nachos
3 Day Overnight EdVenture Camps.  July 2008

Central's Construction:
We have a real problem this summer with construction at the school. The school's windows are all being removed. All the swamp coolers have been taken out leaving the Magellan's Situation Room without any type of air conditioning. For all practical purposes the Situation Room is out of bounds for the summer. I don't know where I'll be sleeping the extra campers. The school is a mess and will be that way for months to come. It will be worth it when the new addition opens in February. It will be worth it next summer when the entire building is cooled by central air conditioning. Yes, to have the modernized school we have to live with construction. I should have closed the Center for the summer but chose not to. We will live with the consequences of that decision for the next two months. 

After lunch it was out on the playground until I blew the whistle to return to continue their missions.
3 Day Overnight EdVenture Camps.  July 2008

Now let's get down to business and make the best of this situation. We've never operated a camp under these circumstances but we've weathered many storms and will weather this one. Baton down the hatches and hitch up the sails, it's going to be a very bumpy ride. We need a bit of luck, yards of patience, and strong masts of humor to make it to shore. No complaining only positive thinking allowed.

It's breakfast on the third day of camp.
3 Day Overnight EdVenture Camps.  July 2008

Space Center Construction:
While I was gone the Voyager was recarpeted. A new floor will be added to the Galley next week along with new-carpeted trim. The Odyssey is also under construction. The bunks have been relocated and a new working station added. I want to thank Kyle Herring, James Porter, Chris Call, Lorraine Houston, Mr. and Mrs. Herring, Kevin Bodily, Dan Adams, and everyone else that has help us out this last week. The place was torn
apart and is slowly being put back together again. Kyle was in charge while I was gone and did an excellent job making the decisions to get the work done and have us ready to open on Tuesday. 

Our campers left camp with full bellies and happy memories.
3 Day Overnight EdVenture Camps.  July 2008

Well, this Journal entry is nearing an end. Let's have a great opening week. Everyone come ready to work hard. Make each camper feel special and wanted. Work so everyone has a positive experience. Your Magic gives the Space Center its Magic. Thank you for sharing. I'm honored to be able to work with each one of you.

Mr. Williamson

Imaginarium Theater
The Best if Video Shorts from Around the World Edited for a Gentler Audience

Imaginarium Memes

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