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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Two Starship Simulators for Sale! The USS Galileo at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center and the USS Valiant at Canyon Grove Academy. Blue Shirt Promotions at the CMSC. Meet the Space Academy Cadets. Imaginarium Theater and Memes.

Another USS Galileo is Looking for a Good Home
The Galileo's designer and builder, David Kyle Herring. November 2009.
     In November of 2009 I put the first USS Galileo up for sale to make room in the school's cafeteria for the current Galileo.  This was the headline in the Salt Lake Tribune.  We had several interested parties but sadly, the ship was sold dirt cheap for its parts, never to be used as a simulator again. 
     The new USS Galileo arrived with much fanfare and excitement and serve the Space Center for eleven years. Now it too must go.  Below is the advertisement from the CMSC's Facebook page.
     So much tender loving care has been put into the Galileo over the years, so many people have travelled to all parts of the universe between its walls that I sincerely hope it finds a loving home where it will be used as it was intended - a ship of dreams.  
     If there is a wealthy Space Center fan out there with a bit of cash and a willingness to donate, I know of a perfect home.  Contact me:

Victor Williamson   

Starship Simulator For Sale: USS Galileo
Asking price: $25,000 OBO
Dimensions: Length-18’ Width-13’ (8.5’ without side nacelles) Height-9’
Mileage: 701,999 light years
Condition: Minor phaser burns

Jokes aside, our Galileo simulator won't be moving with us into our new facility due to size restrictions in our cafeteria/gym. We welcome any interested schools, businesses, or individuals to reach out to us for more specific information about what is included. The transfer of the simulator will need to occur at the end of May to its new home before Central Elementary is demolished.
The simulator is in great condition and has been an excellent educational resource since it was built in 2009. Purchase includes the entire simulator from the framing to the computers, audio, lighting, control room, software, and everything else needed to operate simulations. The Galileo generates an average revenue of around $8,000 every six months through its regular use.
For more information contact me at
James Porter

The USS Valiant is for Sale.  Looking for a Good Home

     What, two starships for sale?  You are correct, for a cool $80,000 (or make an offer) you can purchase the USS Valiant from Reality's Edge at Canyon Grove Academy in Pleasant Grove.  The Valiant is housed in a large semi trailer so it is mobile.  It comes with an onboard air conditioner / heater. 

The bridge

     The Valiant started service at Thanksgiving Point, then moved to Park City High School, from there it was put into storage for a few years before being resurrected by Telos Academy in Orem and placed at Canyon Grove Academy where it sits today.

The Briefing Room

     Canyon Grove Academy's building is for sale, and with the building goes their space center currently under the direction of Bradyn Lystrup.  
     The Valiant holds up to 12 people on the bridge. The trailer also houses a small control room and briefing room.  
     You know, some school with around $110,000.00 could pick up two starship simulators and be ready to open their own Space Center.  What an opportunity.  
     To learn more about the Valiant contact Bradyn Lystrup at

News from the Christa McAuliffe Space Center
By James Porter

Tyler left and Preston right are inducted into the Fellowship of the Blue Shirts

      Last month we welcomed Tyler to our Mentor Volunteer ranks with a coveted royal blue shirt status. This week we also welcomed Preston as our newest mentor. Both have put in a lot of volunteer hours over multiple years. Their contributions to our program have helped many campers have excellent experiences in the ships. They have also been fantastic examples to our younger volunteers and we are excited to see them grow in their roles as mentors.

Congrats Tyler and Preston, two fantastic volunteers

Meet Three of the Space Academy's Fifteen Voyager Cadet Squadrons: Outstanding Students and Cadet Officers 

The Middle School Cobra Squadron

     Renaissance Space Academy has 15 Voyager cadet squadrons consisting of 9 to 11 students in each.  Cadets meet after school from 3:00 - 5:30 P.M. Meetings include Starfleet Academy Leadership Training under Major Vidinha, astronomy and space science instruction by yours truly, public speaking and debate taught by Mr. Robinson and Long Duration Mission experiences in the Jumpship Voyager under the command of Bracken Funk.  

The Middle School Phoenix Squadron

The Middle School Lion Squadron

Imaginarium Theater
The Best Short Videos From Around the World Edited for a Gentler Audience

Imaginarium Memes

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