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Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Starship Phoenix's Last Mission? Utah's Starships Docked: Victims of the Coronavirus. The CMSC's Decommissioning Event Postponed. Reality's Edge Challenge. Space News. Imaginarium Theater and Memes

CMSC Asst. Director Jon Parker and Phoenix Flight Director Jordan Smith staffed the mission

     And just like that the Christa McAuliffe Space Center went dark, another victim of this corona virus sweeping the world like the Denebian Flu.  
     Yesterday the last of the CMSC's four starships closed with one last "You Successfully Finished Your Mission!" by Jordan Smith, the Phoenix flight director.  Was that mission the last of the old Christa McAuliffe Space Center's flights? 
The answer is unknown.  If the state reopens the schools before June, then there will be another - or more.  If not, then it was the last mission. 
     The mission was titled "Breathless".  The mission was staffed by Jon Parker, Jordan Smith, and Matt Ricks who also supplied the Gandolfo's sandwiches and Macey's Donuts (at great peril to his health - with this virus and such).
     Jon Parker has a way of being there when ship's fly their last missions.  He was on the USS Voyager's last mission in July 2012 as well. We didn't know it was the Voyager's last mission at the time.  The Space Center was closed a week after that for extensive electrical repairs.  The Voyager never reopened: not enough plugs, the spiral staircase was deemed too dangerous, and no handicap access.  

The Last Crew of the Phoenix?  Saturday's Crew.
     I was unable to attend, but a big thank you to Matt Ricks for remembering The Troubadour and taking the final photos. 
     The Phoenix was built in 2005.  It served the Space Center well all these years.  I won't say "Goodbye" yet. Fingers crossed this virus will give us all the opportunity to see the ship's fly one more time.  
     If you have a moment (you should - being trapped at home) look back at the construction of the Phoenix with this Link.

Mr. Williamson  

The Space EdVentures Ships Go Dark.  The Fleet is Docked Awaiting the Passing of the Storm

     Governor Gary Herbert closed all Utah schools on March 13 in in an effort to curtail the spread of the coronavirus.  With that order came the closing of Utah's Space EdVentures Fleet of starship simulators.  

The Christa McAuliffe Space Center Decommissioning of the Simulators Event Postponed to May 9th Virus Willing 

Reality's Edge Asks You to Come Up with a Proposal for NASA's Project Artemis    
By Bradyn Lystrup.  Director of Reality's Edge at Canyon Grove Academy

     With this quarantine, we here at Reality's Edge came up with a fun, educational way for fans of the Space EdVentures simulators to pass the time at home. 
     You have been asked to submit a proposal to NASA for Project Artemis. This is the mission to possibly build a moon base with the ultimate goal of a manned mission to Mars. Visit this link to participate.  

Space Science Update from Telos Discovery Space Center, a Utah Space EdVentures Center. 

Imaginarium Theater
The Best Videos From Around the World Edited for a Gentler Audience

Imaginarium Memes

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