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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The First Week is Finished

Hello Troops,
The week is finished. We are fast falling into the ‘groove’. This is the term we use to describe the condition of knowing our lesson, starlab show, and missions so well that we don’t need scripts. It is being in a condition where we run our field trips by instinct. Being in the groove is a good thing. In the simulators it means we are free from the script and able to concentrate on the crew. We can tailor a mission to the crew - highlighting their strengths and deemphasing their weaknesses. We can watch the cameras to find students that need more attention and those that need a bit of discipline. The Groove means we can move through a mission quicker if needed. Sometimes they arrived late or their bus needs to get back earlier than 2:00 P.M.
This year I’m giving schools a mission choice. They can choose their mission from our mission library listed on the Field Trip page of the web site. It empowers a teacher to find a mission that meets the needs of her class. Mission choice helps me as well by giving me variety. In years past we used to run one mission for the entire 9 months. Now we will rotating through four missions. Variety is another good thing.
We ran “Intolerance” on Monday. “The Children of Perikoi” was the mission choice for the Tuesday and Wednesday classes. On Thursday we ran “A Cry From the Dark” and on Friday it was “Perikoi” once again.
We have an awesome daytime staff! Lorraine Houston and Sheila Powell run the classroom and Starlab. In the ships we have myself, Megan, Metta, Emily, BJ, and Aleta. Aleta also runs the office on days where we don’t need her in the simulators. Our high school interns are outstanding: Chrisine, Rachel, Alayna, Kyler, Todd, Rebecca and Zac. Some days we have so much help we can operate the simulator with a doctor character. This kind of help also provides an opportunity to train new flight directors and supervisors.
All and all, this year is off to a good start.
We have been busy with several minor repairs in the simulators. Kyle Herring repaired the Odyssey’s door. The large hole in the Voyager bathroom was fixed. The Voyager’s new carpeting is in place. Currently new tile is being laid in the Voyager’s Brig, Bridge, and steps leading to the Projection Room.
I want to thank our staff and volunteers for their hard work and dedication to our product. We want to deliver the best field trip in Utah to our children. I think we are doing that. We’ve set our standards high because our kids deserve it and we can do it.

Mr. Williamson
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