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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let's Get to Work: A Staff Message

OK troops, I'm back from the Land of Imagination. Disney World is Magic. I think of it as "The Happiest Place on Earth". Disneyland in California comes in a close second. The Space Center blazes across the line in 3rd. I know you may disagree but I'm prejudice and admit it without shame.
I saw many happy children in the parks. I saw others crying to go home. Some were feeding their faces with churros and soda while others were dragging their parents from ride to ride. This excitement is generated because Disney knows how to spark imaginations by resurrecting memories of childhood - a time when you believed in magic and magical creatures. The thousands of dollars spent in the park stores is evidence of that!
I believe we are in the same business. We want to inspire our visitors. We want to spark their imaginations. We want to create magic.
Our visitors are coming to experience the magic YOU, our Space Center staff, create.

This school year, by working at the Center, you will brighten hundreds of days. You will make thousands of children laugh. You will revive thousands of imaginations with thoughts of what could be. You will motive many to work harder in school. You will encourage others to rush home to their computers and begin writing stories of people accomplishing the impossible in the vastness of space.
You will make a difference.
All of this will be because you are here . I'm proud to have you as my partner at the 3rd Happiest Place on Earth.

Mr. Williamson
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