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Friday, September 19, 2008

Space Center News Update. All the News That's Fit to Bore!

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Hello Troops,
And now, the news from the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center.  

  • Brent Anderson, our former chief programmer and all around Lord of Computers received an LDS mission call to the Prague, Czech Republic Mission.  He enters the MTC in February.  He is currently at BYU and very excited, I've been told, about learning a new language.  It shouldn't be too difficult.  Brent already speaks English and a host of other computer languages.  How could Czech be any worse than C ++?
  • BYU's School of Engineering has accepted the Space Center for a Capstone project.  The student engineers will build a new Galileo simulator.  We expect delivery sometime in May.  Dr. Long's electrical engineers will assist by doing all the electrical work.  This new Galileo will have a metal exterior and work stations for six crew members.  Needless to say, we are all awash with excitement except me.  I'm the one that needs to worry about the final bill.  This project may put the United Federation of Planet's Central Bank into difficulty.  We may need to go to the Federation Government for a bail out.  Why not, everyone else does? 
  • Parts of the Voyager are getting new carpet.  The old gray carpet was showing its age.  After eight years and thousands of children's shoes later the old carpet was giving up the ghost.  Large dark age spots were showing up everywhere, especially in front of the small Voyager fridge.  Gray was not the best choice for color.  It was a decision I made eight years ago and regretted.  Today my repentance was complete when the carpet men brought the new carpet.  It is a smattering of colors - with navy blue being the dominant hue.  There is also a sneeze of red which matches nicely with the red carpet that covers sections of the Voyager's walls.  The carpet men left  two sets of stairs uncarpeted at quitting time Friday.  They'll return Monday afternoon.  Tonight's overnighter is interesting.  The staff and crew have nice new carpet and sticky, uncarpeted stairs to walk on.  Oh well, you never know what to expect when you come to the Space Center.  The staff discovered something else they like about new carpet - The smell.  I found them in the ship at the beginning of the camp.  They were like cows in the field - down on all fours  with their snouts dragging across the new carpet.  
  • Our programming class started last Saturday.  Bridger is teaching our Programming Guild (and certain special guests) how to program in Cocoa.  To those like me that think cocoa is used for double fudge brownies - you are correct but..... Apple has taken a very descriptive word and used it for a computer programming language.   Hey, how could a computer language called Cocoa be difficult to learn?  Following that logic - imagine how difficult it would be to learn a programming language called 'Chopped Liver'.  Wait a minute, isn't that what Windows and Vista is programmed in?  My apologies to our PC fans.  
  • I'm relearning how to tell our school mission "The Children of Perikoi".  I found an old recording of me telling the story four years ago.  That recording will shorten the learning curve putting us in the groove sooner rather than later.
  • Our School Year Flyer is out.  You can sign up for classes and Super Saturdays.  There is also a section of the flyer for donations.  Money will hemorrhage from our accounts this year with the Galileo rebuild and the Voyager refit.  Anything resembling good old American money will be welcome.  I'm even willing to accept Euros - a sign of our desperate need.  I draw the line on Russian Rubles and Chinese Won.  I don't like the way Russia is throwing its weight around and as for the Chinese - they won too many gold medals in the Olympics with girls barely out of diapers parading as 14 year olds on their  gymnastics team.  Oh, I don't think I'll take any of that phony Canadian money either.  Who can trust a dollar nicknamed a Loon?  

Well, that is about it Troops.  There are other minor things I could list but I feel I'm already taxing your attention so I'll stop while you're still semi conscious.  Enjoy your week.  We surely will.  We Open with School Missions This Week.  Wish us luck!

Mr. Williamson   
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