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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Ship of Self Esteem Ventures into Weather.

Hello Troops,
Shelley Keyser, a former flight director and all around awesome Space Center supporter, is about to embark on what could be a painful journey into the engine of the Space Center ship of state. Her work on a master's degree will shed light on the Center and its experience. Every aspect of the Center will be evaluated. We will be laid bare for all to see (hence I'm increasing my time at Gold's Gym).

Last week she gave me the first of many papers on the subject. The paper gives an overview of what she wants to accomplish during the next several months. I enjoyed reading it and offer it to all those that are interested in following her research. Shelley's papers concerning the Center will be distributed to anyone making an email request. It will be sent as a PDF document.

Baton down the hatches and make the ship ready for weather. Our ship of self esteem may take a pounding. We may discover we have a well built frigate or may find the wood full of worm. This I promise, if the ship is found unseaworthy and flouders, we will save the women and children first. I will stay at the helm to the end - a captain at the wheel of his ship saluting the powerful force that brought us to judgement's door.......

Mr. Williamson

P.S. I'm excited about this study. It will point out our weaknesses and reinforce our strengths. We are never short on compliments but always hearing the good causes us to sit back on our backsides. Our thanks to Shelley for doing something that needed to be done for the last 18 years.
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