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Sunday, December 14, 2008

We Weather the Winter Fellow Troubadours

I enjoy writing - regardless of talent. Some of my writing in this Blog may seem confusing to our non Space Center volunteers and staff. Reading though this Blog you'll read stories about our staff and volunteers set in different times. For example, last week our story was set far into the future on a Starbase. This week the story below is set in the middle ages. I write these simply because I enjoy it. That is why you write my friends - enjoyment. I want to thank you for reading and thank you for the kind comments I receive from time to time on the stories.
Mr. Williamson

We Weather the Winter Fellow Troubadours

The sky and ground blend into perfect white as another snow blankets the shire. The winter stays with us like a lingering cough. Only the brave or foolish venture into the gray woods in search of firewood. All others, forced into close kinship by the cold, huddle near fires to battle the chill with outstretched arms .

Our band of troubadours brighten the mood of the hamlet's peasants and nobleman with story and song, but as the dark cold months pass the task increases in difficulty. With the sun in short company and the dark an ever unwelcome companion, merriment - like fresh meat - is in short supply.

Melancholy hangs in the castle like the tapestries of majestic battles fought long ago. The castle's great rooms and corridors are nearly empty of human company. The gray stones provide a fortress from the wind but share the cold of the air. Our band of Troubadours share a fire and meal. The moon darkens the night by hiding its face but our spirits are bright as we share story and recount memories of our brothers and sisters in far away lands. We pause and reflect on two of our best, Master Casey and Master Bracken. Both exchanged their troubadour vestments for the woolen robes of the traveling friar. Both, having been touched by conviction, travel shire to shire in a distant land called Texashire bringing the good news of the gospel to the unbelieving. The road has challenged their faith but their parchments speak of strength and an inner conviction to give an eternal light to a land famine for the truth. The life of a friar is one of hardship but the rewards are many. We travel with them in thought and prayer as they join our other troubadours who have accepted the path of faith.

Christmas is soon coming. The Great Hall is draped in festive garments. The Baron has decreed a week of light. Extra fires brighten the castle's walls and ceilings with a deep dancing orange color. The crackling and popping of burning wood is heard and the smell of evergreen hangs in the air. Our troop sits in a reflective circle searching for inspiration in each other's eyes. What can we do to contribute to the holiday? The brothers Daymont share a story that draws laughter into the room. It is good and all agree it will be told during a gathering and meal. Lady Emily reaches for her instrument and begs our patience as she tunes. Minutes later she fills the air with a merry melody that seems written to bring smiles to the somber. Yes...... our inspiration is each other. Is there anything our band of storytellers can't do when faced with a challenge. Our reputation of quality is known in every village and shire we have visited. This will be a holiday to be remembered.

We weather the winter, comforted by memories of spring's scents. We wait for the warmth of the coming season and the dust of the road. We long to pack our horses and exchange the company of the castle for the highway as we travel village to village, shire to shire telling our stories.
Courage fellow Troubadours. The love of summer springs from the ice of winter. Today we tell our tales by the fire and lighten the dark's gloom with the sorcery of story. Soon this will end.
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