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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The End of All We Know and Ghostbusters! Our Thursday at the Space Center.

Was Earth hit by asteroid during the night? Is this massive ash fallout the result? The evidence seems to say yes. The skies are dark. Temperatures have plummeted. Could there be chaos in the streets of Pleasant Grove? Is our local WalMart under siege? Are throngs of people stealing arm loads of food and supplies while helpless senior citizen door greeters try to stop the theft with scolding words and excessive finger pointing? Are citizens huddled in their homes praying for deliverance. Am I a witness to the end of the world? Is the wick fueling the flame of humanity at its end? Is there enough time to consume even a small portion of my food storage? I’m far to young to die. I’ve so much to live for. Fortuna, take the young and old. Spare the middle aged. It sounds cruel but its every age group for themselves now. Where’s my gun? What’s this!!? A Phaser? What can I do to protect myself with a bloody phaser?

OK, OK enough of the rambling.

That first paragraph may be the foundation for a mediocre fiction story but happily it is only that - Fiction. In reality, Pleasant Grove was buried in snow last night while we all slumbered. I took the following pictures when I arrived at the Space Center at 8:30 A.M. I thought those of you that don’t live here, including our Space Center friends in other states might want to see this for yourselves. Granted, there are places in this country where this snowfall seems hardly worth mentioning but for an April 16th I’m impressed. How about you?

My Office and Desk at the Crossroads of the Space Center. Yes, the Dumping Ground.

Rachel Stacy and Kyle in a High Level Meeting on the Galileo

We are at work again here at the Space Center on day four of our vacation. My office is a disaster and the Galileo team are having a meeting. I’ve contacted our local branch of GhostBusters to do a complete ectoplasmic scan of the school and Center for strange readings (refer to my post yesterday). I will attempt to recreate the phantom door closing in a controlled environment with proper protection in case the spirits decided to take their mischief one step further. I remember from the movie a great deal of green slime is usually that next step. I’ve fashioned a tolerable rain coat from the large industrial sized trash can liners kept in the school’s cafeteria. I’ll be ready, plastic wrapped, goggled, and paper toweled for anything they conjurer up.

Me, taking a moment before an attempt at parley (look it up and learn something) with a poltergeist.

I’ll keep you posted. And now Pleasant Grove’s Ghostbuster and Pest Control Service is here. I’ll update you once again after we scan the building and attempt to make contact.

Mr. Williamson
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