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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A message from the editors desk,

Just an update on the state of mission development. First let me apologize for delays in getting back to those who have submitted stories. The last 2 months have required large commitments of my time with Tax season, Alpine District and Space Center responsibilities. Throw in a few unexpected illnesses and it makes for a fun time. I believe, at this time I have responded to all parties who have submitted missions.

At this time we have several missions in in various stages of development. I just want to give everyone and update. Two Student missions are now in phase 2 development. That is the submissions have been reviewed and deemed suitable for further story development. This means rewriting the mission incorporating changes suggested by the editor. Those missions are The Chase (Galileo) by Josh Anderson and Eureka 124 (Phoenix) by Kevin Roberts. Congratulations!

I am also happy to say that one staff submission has just been moved up to stage 3 status, that is, the mission has been rewritten with the required editorial changes made and accepted. At stage 3 the author will now develop a mission stack, Messages, etc. When they feel everything is ready the mission will be test flown. That mission is Alpha (Magellan) by Warren Nuila. Congradulation Warren! I am really looking forward to seeing this mission flown.

We have a second story in stage 3 development as well. That mission would be Pakled Princess (Phoenix) by Aleta Clegg. Yes even the adult staff need their missions approved by the editor. However since she has twenty plus years of writing experience her mission was accepted without a second rewrite. Her mission is a little out of the ordinary. It is designed for crews that have "done" everything. It is a comedy, which is a very difficult medium to pull off well. Congratulations Aleda!

Additionally I have completed the suggested Science Fiction reading and viewing list for would be mission writers. They will be posted on the Space Center Blog. I strongly suggest all interested in writing missions make use of these reference materials to get a feel for the Star Trek universe. I am not asking you to read and view all the material posted but pick and choose. All suggested video can be found on netflix and most can be found at Hollywood or Blockbuster video. Additionally a huge resource available to you is Star Trek Wikipedia. The site is huge with many, many threads. Better yet it is free.

Also, if you (staff and volunteers only) possibly can, please attend the writers workshop on Wednesday April 8th, 5:00pm-8:00pm we will dissect 2 Star Trek, Original Series episodes to see what make them tick. Please RSVP as ther will be Pizza.

Thank you for your time
Bill Schuler
Supervising Story editor
Christa McAulliffe Space Education Center.
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