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Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday. Spring Break is Coming to a Close!

Its Friday of Spring Break. We were at work before you pulled yourself out of bed. “What were we doing?” you should have asked, but since you didn’ t, I asked the question for you.

The Ghost
Nothing to report. We did a complete ectoplasmic search of the school. We got a reading in the school’s basement. It turned out to be a florescent painting of a monster. In the 1980’s the school’s basement was used as a Halloween spook ally. That false reading gave me a start. The professional Ghostbusters didn’t blink an eye. A bit of fluorescent paint is nothing compared to seeing a swarm of ghosts take a cow out of a field and disembowel it before your eyes. They tell me that ghost’s retain their personalities after death. I was told to be happy our mischief maker was either new at the game or a librarian before death.

They left the school after setting a few traps resembling baby food jars with electrodes protruding from what appeared to be a lime jello base. We have been EUC free for a few days now so our problem may be solved. Time will tell.

The Galileo
The Galileo team is working on simulator repair. The Galileo is tenderly cared for by Set Director Stacy Carroll and her team of Flight Directors: Rachel H., Taylor T., and Ben M.

The Galileo was spit polished on Thursday. The team suffered from mild dehydration afterwards. A few gallons of sparkling and refreshing elementary school water did the trick. They are good as new. Painting followed the spit polish. Stacy cleaned the air conditioning ducts. The Galileo is ready for school’s start on Monday.

The Phoenix
Megan Warner is the Phoenix’s Set Director. She is painting today. The Phoenix’s trim is getting a new coat of silver. I’m smelling the fumes from my desk. I wondering if my reasoning is affected. Paint fumes are known to kill brain cells so elephant to the tramp for silk tub and drain. There was were and I said apple and for lunch!

The Odyssey
Emily is working feverishly on the Odyssey’s new summer story. We talked for thirty minutes and came to the conclusion that the Voyager mission “Lewis and Clark” would work well for her ship. We may make a mid course change. We will discuss this further once they return from Home Depot.

Spencer R. and Kyle Herring are wrapping up the Odyssey refit. Today is clean up and light installation. The Odyssey will be ready for the Monday crowd.

A Friday Off?
I have meetings later today and should be free in time to spend a Friday night away from the Space Center. Imagine that, Mr. Williamson getting a Friday night off! I won’t know what to do with myself. I’m thinking of a movie but understand movie theaters are more crowded than they were the last time I went to a Friday night movie in 1990.
Maybe I’ll rent a video or go out to eat or ......... I’m lost. What should I do on a Friday night? I’m like a fish out of water. I’ll do more research on the topic and should have a decision by Saturday afternoon.

All the Best,
Mr. Williamson
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