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Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Bit of Fun on the New Galileo

Hello Troops,
I've just returned from visiting the new Galileo under construction at Scenic Services in Lindon. Kyle Herring, Spencer Robinson and Kyle's dad are working late every night preparing the Galileo for its showing at the Utah County Fair in Spanish Fork this Wednesday to Saturday. Of course, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The boys took a bit of time for fun. In this short video you see Spencer using the front (nosecone) of the Galileo as a slide.

The simulator is coming along nicely. Today they are working on the electrical systems and the bunks. Spencer demonstrated the computer stations. I was impressed with the lighting systems and the overall design. The interior will be finished for the Fair. The exterior is aluminium and should be painted. Anyone out there know someone who paints cars? Someone willing to donate their time to paint this simulator (or at least give us a great price)? If so, let me know. We'd like to give it a good coat of paint and then bring in an artist to paint a few Earth Federation logos and strips.

I'll post more information on the Utah County Fair once I get the details from Kyle. Until then, enjoy the short video and get ready. This new simulator will be online and ready for missions no later than October 1.

Mr. Williamson
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