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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More on The World is Too Much With Us.

Hello Troops,
A few months ago I was nearly rear ended by a teen driver. I saw him coming up quickly behind me at a stop.
He was texting on his phone. Luckily his buddy saw my car, yelled and they skidded to a stop.

In a post a few days ago called "The World is Too Much With Us" I talked about a need many have to remain connected to the matrix 24/7. I know at least one of you out in the matrix disagreed according to your comment.
I'm all for an open discussion but don't just write 'Bogus'. Give me reasons why my comments were 'Bogus'.

So...... I claim once again that there are many times a cell phone should be turned OFF. Disengage from the matrix. Reengage with the immediate world around you. If you're in a move, watch the movie. If you're in school, listen to the lesson and do your work. If you're at work, work. If you're at church, worship. And if you're driving, DRIVE.

I offer this video on the dangers of texting while driving. You may have seen it. It is making its rounds on the net. It is graphic. That is a warning. I present it as a warning not to be distracted when you drive. Not only do you endanger yourself and your passengers but you endanger the lives of others on the road - and I'm one of those others.

Common sense. You've got it. So use it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about just saying bogus i guess i should turn my phone off more often and pay attention whats going on around me. Thanks for sharing that video!!

Unknown said...

Mr. W--RIGHT ON! That was graphic, but if it helps even one person shut the phone off behind the wheel, it was worth it.

I hope you are right that we all have common sense. Some days around here, I'm so so sure.

:) DeBuck family