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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Galileo Is Mentioned Again, And Your Questions Answered.

Hello Troops,
Kyle Herring sent this link. Read it. It's good.

As for your questions about the Galileo.

  • Yes, it comes with all its equipment (at least as of right now. I may have to keep the sound mixer if I can't get another one).
  • Yes, you must take it apart. It won't exit the school in its current state. Too Big.
  • This Galileo cost far more than its current bid. My guess..... to rebuild and equip the simulator just as it is now would run you around $15,000.
  • Yes, the Galileo is in need of some TLC. We are building a new one just because of that. You should be fairly handy if you want to buy it, or at least know someone who is and would be willing to help you in the take apart and the reconstruction.
If you have other questions please send them along to me.

Mr. Williamson
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