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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Post from an Ancient Astronaut :)

Hello Jared,
Thanks for sending this in. Ahhh great memories of that Fallout Shelter under the school. A great Sci Fi whatever.
Mr. W.

And Now Jared's Comment:

If you're an "old-timer" I don't know what to call myself. Before the Space Education Center even had a name Vic was taking us on voyages across the universe in the empty school lunch room. The overhead projector with the squiggly drawings of the alien encounters were enough to get our imaginations going. Fire the torpedos! Oh, no... the tractor beam got us. This was one of the coolest parts I remember - boarding the alien ship with flashlights (we were taken down to the school boiler room and its dirty passages - anyone else remember that freaky place?) Luckily our bravery in confronting the Romulans earned us a pizza break back in the school library. Good times Vic! Thanks again, Jarad
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