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Monday, October 11, 2010

Space Center Director Poisoned. Imaginarium in Chaos.

Wonderland Employees hearing of the Poisoning.

Wonderland Daily News reported today that the Director of the Imaginarium’s Space Education Center was poisoned!

“Oh the Humanity!” one commuter exclaimed after reading the headline at the Wonderland Subway Station’s News Stand. Many in the crowd agreed the news was devastating. “What’s next?” he spoke loudly so all could hear. “On Friday we learned of new lay offs at the Imaginarium due to a sharp decrease in the use of Imagination by the children of the world - and now this, the poisoning of the Space Center’s Director?”

“What’s Next is Right!?” a woman wearing a pink dress with yellow sash shouted from the back of the crowd.

“Read the article so we can all hear,” a clerk from the Office of Underbed Apparitions said while munching on a peppermint Twix bar, a new addition to the newsstand’s confectionery choices, supplied by the imagination of an eleven year old girl from Hermosa, South Dakota.

The commuter hopped up on an apple crate that happened to be nearby, cleared his throat and waited for the 8:02 A.M. train to pull out of the station.

“The Director of the Space Education Center was poisoned several days ago while attending a family picnic at the home of his sister. It is believed the poisoning was the cause of eating a potato salad which sat outside too long on a picnic table, and then in a warm car.”

“My husband got food poisoning eating a potato salad that sat out too long. I told him not to eat it but does he listen to me?” a woman with her hair pulled tightly into a bun said. Her husband nodded in agreement.

“She told me not to eat it, but do I listen to her?” he said.

“No,” the gathering exclaimed in unison.

“Anyway,” the commuter cleared his throat again and continued. “By bed time the Director was experiencing sever pains which kept him up most of the night....”

“That poor man.” an older woman with a wrinkled kindly face spoke up. She was wearing a odd hat resembling a cloud with lightening. Her ID badge identified her as an employee of the Office of Elderly Out of Body Experiences.

“The pain was barely tolerable by the time he reported to work the following morning. He is expected to make a full recovery. An investigation of the incident is underway.

“We have questions and expect his elderly mother to cooperate fully. She made the salad and was overheard by other family members urging the Director to enjoy another helping. Of course, she may have been referring to a second salad still in the refrigerator - but we can’t be sure there may not be an underlying motive in her suggestion.” said the chief investigator for the Wonderland Constabulary.

Wonderland News will keep its readers informed of developments.”

The commuter folded the newspaper, tucked it under his arm and stepped down off the apple crate. The crowd moved quickly and silently toward the exits and into the gloom of a cloudy, rainy day in Wonderland.

Side Note:
I'm recovering. Still have an upset stomach but hope to be bright eyed in the A.M. You'd think at 52 years old I'd know better!

Mr. W.
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