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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Staples of a Space Center Breakfast

Here's a memory magnifier for all you old time campers from years gone by. Do you remember your delicious, nutritious, and delightfully decadent Space Center breakfasts?

Here are a few pictures to remind you:

We start with these deceptively delicious Vitamin Rings packaged exclusively for the Space Center by our friends at the local WalMart. Do you remember how the pastry melted in your mouth? Remember the perfect sweetness of the powdered sugar glaze? Remember how generous we were by offering them "All you can Eat?"
Remember the upset stomach? Remember needing the Happy Bucket?

Fresh from the orchards behind most local Walmarts comes the varied fruit offered with every Space Center breakfast. Juicy oranges, ripe bananas and sweet Red Delicious apples graced the serving counter in the school's cafeteria. Nutrition and fruit go hand in hand. We like to think that a piece of fruit will cancel any and all negatives from the doughnuts. At least, that's what we like to think.

How could you forget the multiple flavored GoGurts freely distributed at every Space Center breakfast. Cotton Candy, Banana Split, and Watermelon flavors just to name a few. Remember struggling to tear the top away to get at the sweet yogurt inside? Remember how many times the GoGurt exploded in the attempt, shooting all over your shirt, pants and shoes? Remember the look I gave you? Ah, you don't want to remember that do you?

And to wash it all down, your selection of breakfast liquids. Every Space Center breakfast offered WalMart chocolate milk, 1% milk and Sunny Delight. You look surprised? Did you think that orange tasting liquid was real orange juice? Well it wasn't . In our concern not to upset potential ulcers in our young campers, we made the decision not to offer real orange juice. Instead, we offered the chemically based Sunny Delight - barely distinguishable from freshly squeezed OJ. Not to mention much cheaper - which I guarantee had nothing to do in the decision between OJ and SD.

Feeling nostalgic for the Space Center? I knew you would after this post.

May I offer a suggestion? Go to your local WalMart and purchase the donuts, Sunny Delight, GoGurts and fruit. Bring it all home and feed your family a traditional Space Center breakfast - for old times sake.

Best Wishes,
Mr. Williamson
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