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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And What for Tuesday?

Hello Troops,
I wrote a very short caption for a picture similar to the one above in The Troubadour's previous post. This is a more interesting one. Perhaps you'd like to have a go?

We are enjoying the second day of our Spring Vacation. During this week long truce we've pulled back from the front lines of battle and are relaxing in the comforts of reckless idle time. No more shelling (constant explosions from the simulators), no more field rations (the WalMart semiplastic rolls kept by the filing cabinet) and no more listening to me barking orders and tossing snide comments like grenades. You are free to explore civilian life. Do you even remember life as a civilian, the days before you signed your life away to The Space Center? That was twenty years ago for me and I'm nearly normal - well nearly as in I nearly won the $15,000,000 lottery, I was only off by six of the seven winning numbers!

So, how about a few things from the Imaginarium to keep you company until you get to wear that fashionable black Tshirt with anchor again (ever wonder why you would ever need an anchor in space?).

This pretty much sums it up.....

How about this for a science classroom decoration. It's the best cross between art and science I've seen in years. It is a perfect illustration of the water cycle (use it for your next science project).

The scores are in and the United States did just as poorly as predicted despite spending billions on education. This is exactly what I'm talking about when I write about our war with ignorance and apathy in these blog posts.

What is wrong with you kids today? And don't even think of blaming us adults for this mess. Haven't we given you great school buildings with cool technology? Never mind the fact that most American kids are raising themselves to some extent. Whatever the causes, it is a sad commentary. On the bright side, I'm happy to report that I don't see this with our Space Center staff and volunteers. You are all the cream of the crop. Keep working hard in school. Let's turn these numbers around.

On the brighter side, what about this as a pirate's costume?

And for a moment of complete insanity..... why would you need to build a building nearly one mile high? This is a proposed building for Saudi Arabia. Guess where they're getting the money to build it? That's right - from us, every time you fill up at Hart's or Walkers!

I want this a tie for church. I think it makes a bold statement.

Now take your average book shelve and add imagination. You see how easy. Everything is better with imagination as its secret ingredient.
And finally, anyone in your family this intelligent?

Finally, a couple of vids to get you started in the right direction. Amazing stuff.......

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