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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sliding Into Spring Break

Hello Troops,
Word of a week's R and R has come through by carrier pigeon. The little winged fella delivered it through heavy enemy fire a few days ago. Since then, I've noticed an improvement in everyone's mood. The cold mud of the trenches seems less penetrable. The pork and beans served with tack bread and fatty bacon, once nearly indigestible, is now eaten with appreciation.

Trench warfare is a nasty business, especially when facing the forces of Ignorance and apathy. You never know when the faint whistle from across No Man's Land will sound announcing another attack from the dark forces. We watch them stream up and over the far embankment, racing into our hail of bullets and grenades.

So far, Lady Luck has been our companion, but she is fickle in her affections and could turn the tide of battle to anyone's advantage on a whim. So we soldier on and dream of better days. Until then, we relish the thought of one week away from the front, one week of sleeping in a real bed with clean sheets, one week out of uniform, one week of good home cooking and one week of sunrises slept through and vibrant silent sunsets enjoyed.

Enjoy your Spring Break!

Mr. W.
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