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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday. It Can't Be

Hello Troops,
We are on the third day of our week long Spring Break. I'm at the Center getting caught up on this, that and the other. How many of you have been trapped in the bottomless pit of This,That and the Other? Just when you think you've got This conquered, That emerges from the murky depth. And when you're sure you've vanquished That, out from the ethereal vapors of the Endless Swamp forms The Other.

At least I'm working in peace. Absent are the endless explosions, character voices, music, alert klaxons and children shouting, screaming and cheering from the simulators surrounding me. In fact, the only people here today are Jon (working in the downstairs shop on some repair) and Alex (typing feverishly on a computer in the Phoenix Control Room). Alex is playing something with a fast electronic beat. I can't detect a melody so I'll be putting on my headphones in a moment to block out the sound (and the term sound is being used generously).

The Magellan is being fitted with new black plastic computer desk screens today. As many of you know, the black plastic screens covering the Magellan's computer stations are badly cracked, some sections have missing bits of plastic broken off.
Our campers have generously overlooked the blemishes but those days are behind us.
I found a new plastic company in Salt Lake that is good to work with and prompt in their deliveries.

Now, Let's take a detour from This, That and the Other and see what the Imaginarium has to offer......

A sidewalk sign outside a coffee shop. Again, it is clever and imaginative. The wording is simple and gets people's attention. If I drank coffee, this is a shop I'd frequent.

Where would you be to see this in your rear view mirror? Perhaps its the expressway on the Moon of Endor?

A perfect gate sign on a cemetery, wouldn't you agree? Come on, you've got to give it up to whoever imagined that.

Assignment, come up with a picture or essay that solves the modern day mystery of where that odd sock goes that never escapes the dryer. Only a student classically trained in the Imaginarium could produce this......

Oh, a warning to the wise, be careful to never stick your hand too far into the dryer. Your Sockaleer may want to enlarge its diet beyond cotton.

The chair waited until it's owner drove away, then using all the effort it could muster, struggled to free itself from the 49th street dumpster. Once free, it paused for a moment to get its bearings before shuffling down the alley in hopes of finding a new home where it could be loved and appreciated.

Yes...... Let's see if out little Junior Houdini can get out of this! The perfect tool for the babysitter that can't be bothered :)

And finally, look at this bottle found in a Japanese shop. Read the label. Are you curious? If so, then the imagineer who designed and wrote it did his or her job well.
I believe the bottle contains sake, a Japanese rice alcohol. That would explain the wording in its proper context :)

OK troops, you have a fantastic Wednesday!

Mr. W.
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