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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A New Set Director and a Run on Precious Metals

Alex Abdicates. David is Crowned

We begin tonight's news by announcing the abdication of His Royal Highness and Prince of the Realm Alex I from the Phoenix Kingdom.

His rightful Heir Apparent, HRH David is seen receiving the Sacred Microphone, marking yet another peaceful transition in our most serene Space Center Kingdom.

We will miss Alex. He was an awesome Phoenix Set Director. Alex was our "go to guy". We called him when anything technical or computer related needing addressing. Alex is attending BYU and enjoys his new employment doing computer graphics for some BYU department. When given the chance Alex brags about his own office with a window and awesome view of campus :)

Dave takes over the Phoenix's reigns as Set Director. He is supported by a gifted staff of flight directors and volunteers. Congratulations Dave!

Last Saturday's Honors

I doubt anyone besides me noticed the spike in metal prices this past weekend on the world markets. Silver rose along with an impressive budge in world copper prices. The talking heads on the financial networks theorized as to the cause. Of course, those of us that work at the Space Education Center know the truth (spoken with my left index finger held firmly against the left side of my nose - the universal sign of "we know something you don't know").

Slide your chair up closer to your computer screen so you can read what really happened without anyone else in the vicinity of your monitor seeing. Ready?
The spike in world metal futures rose because of the number of award pins the Space Center bestowed on our humble and pliable volunteers and staff last Saturday.

Shhhhhh! Now, slowly and innocently scoot your chair back into a normal and comfortable reading position and maintain the appearance of knowing and seeing nothing.

So, where did these precious metals go you ask?

Several grams worth of the precious metals were given to Scott W. Rachel congratulated him on his dedication to the cause. Scott thanked Rachel for the Galileo Pin, then spoke at length about God and Country. He wrapped up his twenty minute remarks reciting Lincoln's Gettysburg Address from memory.

Jordan was awarded his Odyssey Pin by none other than the Odyssey's Set Director, Christine Grosland. You'll see me in the background watching the world's metal futures going up on the Discovery's computer as the pins were awarded.

Christine is happy because she got to give Logan P. his Odyssey pin. I wonder who Christine likes the most? Hummmmmm? The Thumbs Up gives it away.

Sorry Jordan, but there was something about Logan's fake bloody face that captured Christine's fancy. I think I heard from reliable sources that Christine is a big Twilight fan.

Dave jumped up after Christine to congratulate Logan on receiving his Phoenix pin. The lanyard around Logan's faced strained under the weight. I'm in the background calculating my sudden profit on the world copper market. I believe they call it insider trading. I know when our pins will be awarded. I take that knowledge and use it to buy and sell futures on the metals our pins are made from. My earnings keep me in Diet Coke and Space Center shirts.

This is Rachel. Rachel got to pin a Galileo pin on Logan's Lanyard.

I'm seen here congratulating Logan on his Year Pin. Notice our hands. Fake blood is not my cup of tea.

To summarize, last Saturday was "Let's all Worship Logan" day at the Space Center. We had carnival rides out on the playground, hot dogs and cotton candy in the gym and fireworks later in the evening to top off Logan's Perfect Day.

The room emptied after Logan's last pin was awarded, leaving Spencer Merryweather and I alone for the awarding of Spencer's Five Year Pin. Shame Shame Shame on the staff and volunteers for being more interested in the carnival and food. Logan wanted to stay but was called away to take an incoming call from President Obama. Spencer kept a brave face, holding back the tears. I did my best to boost his spirits and reminded him of his indispensability.

"What else?" he asked between sobs. "What else am I good at?"

I thought for a moment. "Well, you're pretty dang good at Warball!" I exclaimed. His face brightened and the picture was taken.

I first met Spencer when he darkened my classroom door in the 6th grade. He was put into my advanced math class. He did remarkably well, considering his handicap (extreme sarcasm mixed with a phobia of all thing bright and beautiful).

Congratulations Spencer!
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