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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Vacation, Our New Benches and The Great Wall of the Space Center.

Hello Troops,

It is a beautiful Easter Sunday here in Pleasant Grove. I see a busy week full of classes, planetarium shows, missions, screams, laughs, and cheers in my rear view mirror. Ahead, and as far as a week stretches over the horizon, I see the calm open fields of Spring Vacation.

The Space Center is closed until April 16. While not all of us have this week of Spring Vacation, those of us working and going to school in the Alpine School District get a beautiful seven nights of wistful sleep and seven days with nothing more to occupy our time than the passing thought of what to do next.

I will be in the office daily to keep up on emails and phone calls. If I don't, I'll regret the almost insurmountable deluge which would surely be waiting on my desk and computer upon my return Monday next. Don't pity me. There is something I enjoy about being alone at the Space Center and kept company by the ghosts of missions past and present. I get more done and can set my hours.

Tyler Gardner finish his Eagle Project for the Space Center and Central School yesterday. I asked him to replace the park benches that sat in the school's lobby for as far back as I remember.

The Benches which occupied the school's lobby since the fist seconds were counted in time.
I've heard Brigham Young sat on one of them, and if you look closely behind the bench on the
right you'll find
Egyptian hieroglyphics carved into the wood .
I believe the carving says "Bakara is a blessing to Banafrit whom Osiris loves"

Tyler built two beautiful new benches for the lobby. They are modern in design and graffiti free.
He and his fellows did an excellent job. In fact, they are so well done, I'm charging a small fee for their use. You may pay per sitting or pay a monthly fee for the privilege of resting your backside upon them.

I let Tyler sit on his benches for free so I could take these pictures.

Tyler on bench one near the school's front doors.
Charge: 0.25 cents for just sitting with a 0.10 cents per minute charge afterwords.
The 25 cent just sitting down fee applies only to this bench because of the beautiful
view one has of the school's front sidewalk and lawn.

Tyler sitting on bench 2.
Fee: 0.10 cents per minute with an additional charge for
using the handy electrical plug
found beside the bench.

The Space Center is happy to take your bench reservations. When calling, please identify which bench you'd like to reserve (front with the scenic view or library). Don't forget to include your arrival and departure times. Please have your credit card ready for the down payment. Be sure to book early for weekend use.

"I came to school early and sat on the Space Center's new benches without paying."

Local businessman may want to consider advertising near our two new benches. Please contact the Space Center's office for details.

Disrespect Rampant at the Space Center?

I decided to run home for a few minutes early Saturday morning after the campers were back in their ships and off to the four corners of the known universe. I always appoint someone to be in charge while I'm away. Dave Daymont was that person on Saturday.

I wrote "Gone Home for a minute. Dave Daymont in Charge" on the white board behind my desk notifying everyone of who was in charge. Dave Daymont is the Phoenix Set Director. Everyone knows that the "in charge" person carries my authority. Dave took advantage of his "in charge" status and added a few things to my note as seen in the photograph below:

Dave added the following three orders to my notification:
  1. "The Phoenix always wins". The Space Center's Outstanding Performance Trophy is awarded after every Overnight Camp to the simulator that gets the best overall scores from the campers as written on their post camp survey form. Dave's order simply states that the Phoenix will always win. Dave's order is Space Center law until I return to the office.
  2. "Never Say Bad Things About the Phoenix" was Dave's second order.
  3. "Bring Gifts to Dave Daily" was his third order. While some might consider this bribery, I look at it as a way to show respect to someone I consider worthy enough to be left in charge of the Space Education Center in my absence. Shouldn't someone with whom I've placed such trust deserve gifts from his or her subordinates?
Sadly, someone without scruples and a shred of human decency took an erasable marker and defiled Dave's mandates as shown in the photograph below:

Sadly, others were overheard taking Dave's name in vain and speaking rudely of the Phoenix. The offender's names were placed on the white board: Miranda, The Demontress and The Red Blemish.

Another sick individual added the following to Order 1: "unless the Voyager is flying". Rumor has it that Jon Parker was the culprit. Dave was visibly upset by the ordeal and had to go lay down for a few minutes to recover. Chelsey Roberts was running the Phoenix at the time so Dave's absence was not noticed by the Phoenix Overnight Crew.

One would expect The Demontress and "M" the Destroyer of Worlds to be involved in this conspiracy, but The Red Blemish - our scooter transported superhero sworn to uphold the law and protect the week and confused? There is something not right at the Space Center and I will get to the bottom of this, rest assured.

An Update on the Great Wall of the Space Center

Drywall and taping was on Friday's agenda for the Space Education Center's Great Wall currently under construction in the school's Commons area. Mudding and sanding will be next, topped off by a few coats of paint. Soon troops, soon and the wall will be finished and our Digitarium Planetarium will have its new quiet home.

Mr. W.
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