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Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Thursday of our Spring Break

Hello Troops,
We start today's post with shocking news from Mars.

Yes, a new picture from Mars taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. Could this be proof that life exists on Mars? Some ancient astronaut theorists think so (it is an interesting picture, wouldn't you agree).

Today is the Thursday of our Spring Vacation. Early this afternoon I drove the Battlestar to Lehi's Costco to restock on candy bars and other items. The Space Center runs on love, devotion, dedication, creativity, imagination and CANDY BARS! Candy bars are the currency with which we pay our awesome volunteers. Our volunteers know to check in at my desk upon arrival. I swipe their volunteer card and direct them with a nod, glance or a mumble to the Space Center's Candy Treasury filled with delicious mouth watering chocolates and other fine confectionery. They may select one candy bar to power them through the next two hours.

Costco is a dangerous place for me. There are so many cool things I never knew I needed until I see them at Costco, sitting on the shelves, and calling my name like the Sirens of old calling out and shipwrecking ancient sailors onto the rocks of Anthemusa. I stand shipwrecked on each aisle, memorized by the merchandise. I imagine the device in my home, filling a hitherto unknown and desperate need. An 80 inch LED TV caught my eye today. It sat on display right at the entrance, entrapping the innocent.

"Buy me..... Buy me....." It whispered into my ear. I nearly succumbed to the temptation, had it not been the $4000.00 price tag which quickly convinced me to lift anchor and sail away. Yes, Costo is a dangerous place for me. I wouldn't normally put myself in such peril, but Costco is the place where I buy candy bars and batteries for the Space Center. It is an evil I must learn to resist.

Megan and Christine spent much of the afternoon working on new summer missions for the Phoenix and Odyssey.

And now from the Imginarium's Dept. of Useless Items.....

Is this the story of your life living with mathematics?

And finally, the perfect analogy for those trapped in a room with an overly optimistic zealot. Aren't they the worst. They always smile, even at funerals. What is there to smile about at a funeral?

"Oh, let's be thankful they've gone to a better place!" they say with an obnoxious smile stretching from ear to ear.

"No, I'm not thankful they've gone on to a better place," I reply. "I kind of liked having them right here."

They fail a test at school. "Look on the bright side," they say. "At least now I know what I should have known!"

They are those who believe the word 'Impossible' was coined in the fires of Hell and used to thwart mankind of their true potential. "If there's a Will there's a Way," I've heard them say year after year after year.

This is my new comeback.

Have a great day troops!

Mr. Williamson
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