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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Discovery's First 3 Day Camp. Wacky Video. Explore Mars From your Chair. The Imaginarium

Discovery Space Center's First 3 Day Camp

The Discovery Space Center in Pleasant Grove opened its first 3 day camp yesterday at 7:00 P.M.  Thirty excited campers, many of whom carrying their Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center rank papers,  arrived ready to try out this new Space Center modelled after the original CMSEC at Central School.

I stopped by to wish the DSC staff good luck and to say hello to many of the Space Center's former campers.  Surprisingly, I recognized several of them.  "What happened to the Odyssey?" was the number one question they asked.  Again and again, Space Center fans tell me that the Odyssey was their favorite ship.  Does that mean I'm willing to admit that the Odyssey is more popular than the Voyager?  No, I am not willing to say that because it's not true.  The Odyssey and the Voyager are loved equally.  That is the feeling I get when talking to the Space Center's former campers.  

I chaperoned the boys again last night.  They were great.  Not a peep until just before I woke them up.  Actually, it was Casey's fog horn, amplified for the hard of hearing, industrial, nuclear powered cell phone that woke them up thirty minutes ahead of schedule.  The sound waves from his civil defense wake up alarm pulverize the first few millimeters of ceiling plaster, coating everything in the lobby with a thin dusting of yellow.

The  alarm unnerved several of the boys.  One rolled off his air bed and went right to his knees,  begging to be forgiven for cheating on a 3rd grade math test.

I tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. "Its not the Second Coming," I whispered.  He looked confused, then relieved.

"You've carried that guilt for awhile haven't you?" I spoke like a forgiving priest.  The boy nodded.   "Well, you've made your peace, so go back to sleep."

I'll be back there tonight and I will remember to tell Casey to switch that alarm OFF.

Mr. W.

Trippy, this video will make you hallucinate! (minor hallucination) Minor hallucinations will disappear within seconds!  Do exactly what it tells you to do.  At the end, look back up at this sentence.  Warning, not a good activity for those prone to migraines and nausea.  

2045.  Michio Kaku Envisions the Future

The physicist believes that shape-shifting technology is near on the horizon. And "just decades away we will have something resembling Harry Potter's invisibility cloak."

Spend a Few Minutes Exploring the Red Planet on Your Own.

The newest interactive panorama of the Red Planet has been released! It is MAGNIFICENT. Let me warn you, though, the image is quite huge. At an astonishing 90000x45000 (or about a billion) pixels, the picture includes more than 295 images taken over the course of thirteen days, using two of the cameras on board the Curiosity Rover. One of which, is the Narrow Angle Camera (NA...C), while the other is its Medium Angle Camera (MAC).

Be sure to zoom in, looking at the various rocks littering the surface of the Red planet. It's a serious ten steps down from actually being there to see it with your own two eyes.  

Go To the Photo

The Imaginarium
Make the Ordinary, Extraordinary

A Star Wars Nursery.
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