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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

News and The Imaginarium

Morgan, in civilian dress.

Space Center Volunteer Wins State Future Business Leaders of America Conference Tournament

Park City's number one Space Center fan recently won the Utah State Future Business Leaders of America Conference Trournement in Salt Lake City.  In her interview, Morgan spoke of her volunteering at the Space Center.

"My passion for space travel formed on a fifth grade field trip to the space center while I was at Parley's Park [Elementary]," Mitchell said. "During my mission I was the captain of the ship and I have been hooked ever since. I have been volunteering there all throughout high school."

With confidence, Morgan explained she wanted to be an astronaut after attending college. Acknowledging that career field seems like a childish dream, she said there is a lot of opportunity in private sector space travel.

Congratulations Morgan!

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SALT LAKE CITY — Are UFOs real? Do extraterrestrials exist?
Five former legislators, including former Utah Congressman Merrill Cook, are about to open a congressional-style hearing and listen to testimony from 40 researchers, military personnel and witnesses to try and uncover the truth about extraterrestrial life and to address allegations of the government’s lack of transparency with regards to UFOs.  Read More

An Alien Mummy Found in Chile?

An upcoming documentary promises to show an alleged, tiny "alien" being that was found a few years ago in Chile's Atacama Desert. And when we say tiny, we're talking six inches from head to ET toe.  Read More

SPACE boffins are ready to build a super-fast rocket that could get astronauts to Mars in just 30 days.

Missions to the Red Planet currently involve a FOUR YEAR round trip, but experts say it can be massively slashed.  Read more:

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