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Monday, April 29, 2013

Farpoint Station Log Update. Space and Science News. The Imaginarium

Farpoint Station.  Destination Kepler 62e.
Station Log:  04282013

I met with Fleet Command at Earth's Renaissance Station Friday afternoon.  We had a good discussion on the organization of the soon to be constructed Farpoint Station and its final deployment at Kepler 62e.

The designing and building of a Fleet Station and her starships is a monumental task.  We are in the beginning stages of that process which starts with Fleet Command giving final approval.  Fleet accountants step in next and work out the layers and layers of financing, with the number one question being, where will the money come from for a combined Fleet / Fleet Science Station like Farpoint?

Fleet architects are the next ones to get involved.  They will design the starships assigned to the station, and the station itself, whose location from Earth will be encapsulated in its name - Farpoint; making Farpoint Station the furthest Fleet Station from Earth.  It will sit at the border between explored and unexplored space.  Farpoint will be built in space, in sections at Earth's Renaissance Fleet Station.  Finished modules will be transported by cargo carrier into orbit of Kepler 62e and assembled.   

The Troubadour will be there every step of the way, reporting on the imagineering, design, fund raising, construction and deployment of Farpoint Station.  No other space center starship / starbase has been documented so throughly.  We want YOU to be invovled, every step of the way.  Are you ready for the journey?

Space and Science News

          Potential Diabetes Breakthrough


The hormone, called betatrophin, causes mice to produce insulin-secreting pancreatic beta cells at up to 30 times the normal rate. The new beta cells only produce insulin when called for by the body, offering the potential for the natural regulation of insulin and a great reduction in the complications associated with diabetes, the leading medical cause of amputations and non-genetic loss of vision.
The researchers who discovered betatrophin, HSCI Co-Director Doug Melton and postdoctoral fellow Peng Yi, caution that much work remains to be done before it could be used as a treatment in humans. But the results of their work, which was supported in large part by a federal research grant, already have attracted the attention of drug manufacturers.  Read More

The Imaginarium
Are you making the ordinary, extraordinary?  If not, you don't deserve to see what follows......

A boy, his imagination, and a need for a garden walkway.

A cool bridge.  This is an example of making the ordinary, extraordinary.

A soon to be built building in Dubai.
Design on steroids!

Working with minatures.

An amazing fire pit.
Imagination : A

You'll need to do this one sitting by a window.

Kingdom Wars
(Star Wars in Latin)

Story of my life as a math teacher :(

Typical science class

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