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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Both Space Center's are Busy During Spring Break. DSC Runs Field Trips and a Galaxy Camp. The CMSEC Runs Test Missions for Summer Camp. The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
     It's been a busy couple of days at both of Pleasant Grove's Space Education Centers. The DSC had a field trip from Sevier County yesterday and Daybreak Elementary in the Jordan District today.  The CMSEC has been running test missions of their new summer stories along with private missions. Tonight, the DSC starts a three day Galaxy Camp.  That means I'll be sleeping on the floor the next two nights chaperoning. It's OK, I've been chaperoning space camps for the last twenty three years, so nothing new.  
     I stopped at both centers to snap a few pictures to share with you.    

     The DSC's Starlab Planetarium slowing digesting a group of 6th graders while their teachers enjoy their lunch on a nearby table during yesterday's field trip.   

     Another group of 6th graders eat lunch while their friends are in the Starlab.  A third group of students are in the ships.  They rotate through the three stations during the four hour field trip.

     Todd Rasband preps a group of 6th graders on the Columbia.

      At the same time, another group from Sevier County is getting acquainted with the Atlantis.

Meanwhile, at the CMSEC

     Christine briefs her test crew for the Odyssey's first official test run of the simulator's new summer story Judgement Day.  The Odyssey received notification that a threat has been made against a Federation presidential candidate.  They've not choice but to move in to investigate.

     Connor and Jon Parker show up just as the briefing winds down with grub from the Space Center staff's favorite fast food establishment, JCW's in American Fork.  You can't expect a crew to fly on an empty stomach.  

     The Odyssey crew lined up and ready to board the simulator.  Abram was conflicted.  Food is not allowed in the Odyssey, yet there he was with burger in hand, paid for, and quite delicious.  One solution was to let everyone in the line have a bite - the Christian thing to do.  Abram chose to delay the boarding so he could savor his lunch in front of his shipmates.  His brother, the captain, was not amused.    

     Notice Abram's smirk.  His stomach is full.  He got his way.  The rest of the crew learn their stations to the sounds of creaks and groans - not coming from the Odyssey, but from their stomachs.

The Magellan's Test Mission 

     This summer's new Magellan mission is called Paradise Lost, written by Conner Larsen and Jacque Lystrup, script supervision by Megan Warner.  I was able to get a sneak peak at today's test script hot off the printer.

     "Why the old English?" I asked.  "Why the poetry?" 
     "We do things differently," Conner responded.  "I want to push the envelope. I want to try things no one, not even you, has tried at the Space Center before.  The Magellan will be unique.  It will be the best simulator in this fleet." Conner took his microphone, calmed his staff, cleared his throat, practiced his vowels, and sang a scale before speaking again. "None dare ask my true intent, for to shoot, as brilliant as a star in yonder night sky into immortality, is our sacred truth to Fable and Song."  He stood and waited for his staff's applause to wain before continuing. "Now to haste for the curtain ascends and a leg we must break."    

     The Magellan has a new short throw projector.  They're not happy with the result.  Jon claims to have pushed every button on the projector's remote to try to fix the problems.  I was tempted to ask for the remote so I could try to fix it myself.  I didn't because it wasn't my problem.  Ah, the joy of being the retired director of the Space Center.  

      The first crew EVER to fly Paradise Lost

     The Magellan staff as they start the test run.  Jacque, Lissa, Jace, and Andrew are standing.  Mike (in blue) and Conner with microphone in hand are seated. 

     They are about to give the crew their first headache in the mission.  I won't tell you what it was because I'm sure you're going to book a summer camp and find out for yourself.

Mr. W. 

The Imaginarium
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