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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Win a Galileo Mission. Detecting Signals from Alien Races. The Imaginarium


From the Space Center's Facebook Page. 

Win a FREE mission on the Galileo.

     Here it is troops, the last week of the Galileo's spotlight! The Galileo staff would like to invite you on their new private mission 'Snow Dagger'. This new mission is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. However, this time to win your FREE mission you need to know your flight directors. Whoever can name the most Galileo flight directors will receive a free private mission!

Odyssey Scanning
by Logan Pederson

14 Intriguing Ways We Could Detect Signals from an Alien Race

From io9
If we're going to find an extraterrestrial intelligence (ETI), we're going to recognize their signatures. These signs can be organized into three basic types: spectral signatures, physical artifacts and structures, and remnants, or byproducts, of their technological activities. Some of these signatures could be deliberate attempts to get our attention, while others are simply leakage.
Should we detect these signatures, however, the challenge will in determining which are the work of an ETI and which are the products of some unknown or bizarre natural phenomena (like the time we thought quasars were an alien beacon).  Read More
The Imaginarium
When all else fails and you need to relax....
Let's see what this Galaxy Class Starship can do

Wonder what's in that jam.

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