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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Phoenix Readies it New Summer Mission, Razor Plan. A New Battlestar Galactica Movie! The Imaginarium.

Hello Troops,
     Both the DSC and the CMSEC were busy today with private missions, a super overnight camp, and a Phoenix test mission.
     I stopped by the Space Center to check on the dress rehearsal for the new Phoenix summer story, "Razor Plan", written by Jon Parker.

     First, watch this Razor Plan trailer.

     Dave Daymont played the role of Capt. Rex Rounder, all around space bounder and ladies man on his first deep space mission since rehab. He's stressed because he knows this mission is his last chance to prove he's still got what it takes to be a starship captain.

     First Officer Max Mildew (Mike) is pictured on the floor next to Capt. Rex Rounder. Max claims he's having trouble getting his 'space legs' and refuses to sit in his chair.  Of course, his present condition has nothing to do with the loud music and laughter heard coming from his quarters on deck 5 all hours of the night and morning.    

     Doctor Bill Pobber (Jordan) was on the bridge to treat the first officer. "What's wrong with him doc?" Capt. Rex Rounder asked while staring blankly at the morning's reports.
     "Nothing a good strong cup of coffee won't cure," the Doctor replied.  "We've got to do something about his worriment.  The Phoenix needs a good first officer."
     "The Phoenix?  Come on Doc. This ship is was built for washouts like us."
     "What do you mean washouts?"
     "Come on Doc, you amputated the wrong leg."
     The Doc looked Capt. Rex Rounder straight in the eye, as if he was ready to settle the dispute man to man.
     "What? You got somethun to say?" The Captain stepped forward, well within the Doc's comfort zone.
      "Pray you never end up on my table." The Doc backed down and returned to his seat.

     Buzz Buchanan (Josh A.) was at the tactical station waiting for his nails to dry. He was assigned to the Phoenix after an incident on the USS Independence.  Buzz suffers from acute Onychomycosis. Nail polish helps hide the condition from the squeamish.  

     Helm officer Christine Smiler tried to lighten the mood by telling a joke she'd worn out months earlier.  Aleta stepped in to listen, heard the first line, turned and walked out.  The Farpoint Cadet behind her wasn't so fortunate.

     Razor Plan author Jon Parker stepped in to converse with the brave and bewildered crew of the Phoenix.   He questioned the crew on their mission.  Captain Rex summarized the mission to satisfy Jon's doubts.  "Simple, we take this new secret weapon, the Razor torpedo, that the Romulans know all about, to a secret weapon's destruction station which so happens to be near the Romulan border so it can be destroyed to honor our end of a weapon's treaty."
     "We're never gonna get there," moaned the first officer.
     "Figured that out yourself Sherlock?" The Doc's voice dripped with sarcasm.

     Jon gave up waiting for Buzz's nails to dry and entered the ship's course for him on his laptop.  Christine Smiler was halfway through her joke.  The Farpoint volunteer in the hallway who was too courteous to excuse herself with a lie.

     The crew of the Phoenix are ready for launch.   Take one last look. You may never see them again.

     Phoenix Flight Director and Farpoint programmer Alex Anderson shows off his greatest achievement, the programming of a gaming environment in HTML5.   I was impressed.  The Vanguard's new controls will be simply amazing.

      While the Phoenix was on its ill fated mission, the little Galileo had a crew of its own on a five hour mission directed by Erin and her staff:  Farpoint Cadet Zack and Abram Allread, who is recently returned from an LDS mission to Argentina.  Welcome back Abram.  It's good to have you home!

Battlestar Galactica, the Movie

"Universal is preparing to start work on a Battlestar Galactica movie. Variety says the studio is planning to completely reimagine the sci-fi story — in which space-bound humans fend off the attacks of nefarious cybernetic Cylons as they try to find a new home — just five years after the four-season Syfy TV show drew to a close. The planned film would mark the second time Battlestar Galactica has been rebooted after the original show aired in 1978.
Jack Paglen, the writer of the upcoming Transcendence, has agreed to pen the reboot's screenplay..."  Read More

The Imaginarium
A place to recharge....

Good wins over evil one kindness at a time.


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