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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

At School. Robin Williams. This Week in Technology. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Center Fans,
     Students think they have it rough their first day back to school.  They should try sitting through the tedium teachers sit through on their first day back.  Today, endless meetings and professional training from 8:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.  We reviewed school policies ad nauseam, and survived sleep inducing powerpoints on schedules.  I mustn't forget the disturbing team building exercises (disturbing for those of us with a shred of self respect).  
     Tomorrow may be different, but I doubt it.  I'm scheduled for hours of training on the school's new common core math curriculum.  It was nice knowing all of you if I don't make it home with sanity intact.  

Mr. W.

What Will Your Verse Be? 

     Dead Poets Society is a wonderful film, obviously filled with a lot of references to English and American poetry. In this scene, John Keating (Robin Williams) teaches his pupils the reason for reading and writing poetry, quoting Whitman's Leaves of Grass.
     Goodbye Robin Williams........A master Troubadour.

This Week in Technology
From Sci-Tech

- Transcranial stimulation: 
- Rewired mice:
- Wifi:
- IBM brain chip:
- MIT:
- New material:

The Imaginarium

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