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Monday, August 11, 2014

Meet the New Directors of the Two Space Centers. Meet our Newest Volunteer. Science Summary of the Week. The Imaginarium

Hello Space Center Fans,
     Where has my summer gone?  Tomorrow, 8:00 A.M. sharp I start work again at Renaissance Academy.  Twenty-five sixth graders are gathering their school supplies in what I hope is eager anticipation of spending the next nine plus months with me.  My room is set up, my Tardis in place, and desk and chairs ready and waiting.  There is a part of me anxious to get started and another part chiding me for not living a good definition of vacation.
     I know many of you Troubadours work year round, and for that you have my sincere sympathies.  Others of you are students who still have a week or more of summer vacation waiting to be spent.  Take my advice (please do because I don't) and spend the end of your summer frolicing in the lazy afternoons and idling away your time in blessed purposeful forgetfulness of what is to come - hours and hours of lectures and homework  :)

Mr. W.

The New Directors of the Space Education Centers.

     There have recently been a few leadership changes at both Space Education Centers.

James Porter, CMSEC Director seen in the Space Center's office near the faculty restrooms
(where you can hear every flush).  My old office (the Briefing Room) had its drawbacks, sitting at the intersection of three simulators, but I'd prefer that to this anyday.  Just call me old fashioned I suppose...

     Mr. James Porter has officially taken the reigns of the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center.  Megan Warner, the CMSEC's previous director, will be leaving Utah for lands unknown (California or Africa).  Megan assumed the directorship of the Space Center after I retired in May 2012.  She did a fine job continuing the mission of the center through some very tough times.  We wish Megan the very best as she opens a new chapter in her life's story. 
     Mr. Porter is now in charge and ready for the challenge.  He and his family have purchased a home in Pleasant Grove and are ready to be assimilated into the culture of this community.     
Mr. Bracken Funk showing off his fancy new sign at the front of his desk
(either that or I caught him hiding from his staff.  They like to pepper him with
questions, suggestions and comments all day and all night long)

     Mr. Bracken Funk is the new Director of the Discovery Space Center.  He is taking the place of Mr. Casey Voeks who has accepted a position as Director of the Space Education Center at Lakeview Academy in Saratoga Springs. 
     Bracken and his family moved back to Utah from Hawaii in May.  Bracken graduated from BYUHawaii in business education.  He was on the school's basketball team.  Bracken grew up at the CMSEC Space Center.  He started as a volunteer when he was 13 and worked his way up to Voyager Flight Director. Bracken was one of the few flight directors who was capable of flying all five of the Space Center's simulators.  
     The DSC will do fine with Bracken at the helm.  Bracken and his wife are looking at homes in the Pleasant Grove area.  They recognize good neighborhoods with interesting people when they see it.  

Meet our Newest Farpoint Voyager Volunteer


     This is Ethan W., the newest member of our Farpoint Voyager's Club.  Ethan is 13 years old and goes to PG Junior.  The Phoenix is his favorite simulator.  He did his two mission observations at the CMSEC and is excited to volunteer and play a part in the Space Center mission. 

Science Summary of the Week
From Sci-Tech


➤ Stem cell therapy:
➤ Evolution of dinosaurs:
➤ Rosetta spacecraft:
➤ Anti-cancer molecules:
➤ Short sleep duration:
➤ Moon’s core:
➤ Self-assembling robots:
➤ Ancient bones:

The Imaginarium


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