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Monday, August 4, 2014

Update on Pleasant Grove's Two Newest Starship Simulators, The Everest and Pathfinder at Canyon Grove Academy. The Imaginarium.

Hello Space Center Fans,
     We're getting closer and closer to the start of the school year.  I planned on spending part of today at Renaissance Academy setting up my classroom but got sidetracked by 'things' (to be defined as anything other than school).  Maybe I'll do it tomorrow, or Wednesday.  Of course there's always Thursday.  Speaking of Thursday, Friday sure is sounding good. Well, why lose a perfectly good Friday when Saturday is open and available.  And this is how terminal procrastination shows its first symptoms.  What follows is too horrendous to describe.

Updated Photos of the UCS Everest and UCS Pathfinder at Canyon Grove Academy

     Work on Utah's two newest spaceship simulators continued during my adventures in the frontier of Dakota. 
     Pleasant Grove's Canyon Grove Academy has licensed two simulators with DSim.  The Everest and Pathfinder are currently under construction in the same large room on the north side of the building next to the school's gym.  They are both due to open this September. Both ships will be used extensively by the school's students when they are not being used for school field trips.  

Looking from outside the front wall of the Pathfinder and into the simulator.  The framing is up and electrical going in.    

Brandon represents DSim and works with the builder.  He is showing me the engineering platform and where the ladder will be placed.  A small sickbay bunk will be housed under the platform.  This is the back of the ship. Everybody will want to be the engineer when they fly the Pathfinder!  

Brandon is describing something about that section of the Pathfinder.  I didn't take good notes so I haven't a clue what he's point to. Let's assume it's awesome, whatever it is.  The Pathfinder will be the smaller of the two simulators at Canyon Grove.

     I took this picture from the back of the ship looking to the front where the main viewer will be located.  The room's outside exit is on the left.  The Pathfinder's control room's door is to the left of the ladder.

   The back of the Everest is truly impressive!  I believe there are eight stations on the two platforms.  Multi level simulators are all the rage right now.  Everybody is doing them.  Not only do the levels give the crew stadium seating, but they open up the area under the platforms for the staff's dirty work :)

The hatch under the Everest's top platform; a perfect place to hide staff for that perfect moment in a mission when the begeebees must be scared out of the crew :)

Looking toward the front of the Everest.  The ship's sick bay is the small room to the right.  It will have one scanning, upright device.  Again, notice the staff hatch.   

The front of the Everest with a focus on the small left room.  I forgot what it will be used for, but I'm sure it will be awesome.  The Everest is easily the size of the Voyager's bridge so it should be able to handle up to 17 people.  

Congratulations to Canyon Grove Academy.  We're all excited to see the completion of these two simulators.  

Mr. Williamson

The Imaginarium

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