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Friday, November 27, 2015

Help Create Content for the New USS Voyager. The Earth's History in 3 Minutes. The Imaginarium.

Help Alex Create Content For the New USS Voyager

As many of you know, I'm right now working on a new spaceship simulator, including the construction of the set and the new computer controls.
And I need your help.
One of the people on the ship will in charge of fixing damaged systems. I need help writing the reports which they use to fix systems. All of the instructions are on this form. All you have to do is read the instructions, fill out the form, and you're done.
Also, every person who submits a report will receive credit for their work on our controls, kinda like credits at the end of a movie. It's the perfect opportunity to immortalize yourself.
Thanks for your help! And please share this with your friends too!

Alex Anderson

The History of the Earth in 3 Minutes
Worth the wait through the short ad

The Imaginarium

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