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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Space Center in Minecraft (I Loved the Recreated Voyager and Odyssey). DSim's Titan Simulator at Stemfest. The Imaginarium.

The Space Center in Minecraft. See the Voyager, Odyssey I, and the Other Ships.

I recreated (and embellished a bit) the Christa McAuliffe Space Education Center in Minecraft. I wanted to make it seem like a futuristic spaceport with real ships. I also wanted to include the new Odyssey as well as the old so I just put it right on top, since the remodel took out the Voyager and the Odyssey.
Anna E.

(Thanks Anna for giving me an office. I'm wondering what it would look like? Anyone skilled in Minecraft want to give it a go?  Mr. Williamson)

DSim (Discovery Simulations) Presented the Titan Simulator at the Northern Utah Stemfest

Our friends at DSim (The Discovery Space Center) had a blast flying the Titan Simulator with everyone at the Northern Utah STEMFest! Congratulations to the three crews (out of 50 or so) that successfully completed the 3-minute "don't die" challenge.
Special shout-out to the "cool cats" at Weber State University and US Synthetic for helping with crowd control.

Inside the mobile Titan Simulator

The Titan will be at the next StemFest in February. Check it out.

The Imaginarium

A Full English Breakfast

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